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Those scoring above 50 marks in GATE and interested to appear for IIT Research Interviews can fill this form if you feel any guidance is required. A select group of people shall be given guidance by some seniors.

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Can we apply based on GATE 2016 scores ?

55.65 marks, 694 score and 767 AIR
Yes, if it is still valid.
Yes, as per scorecard issued by IISc in 2016 it is still valid.(three years)
The gate score in the app is still varying and in the form we need to provide the gate score,so shall I give the value that is being shown or wait for it to acheive some stable value.
write what you get now it is not official.
Yes, it wont be changing by more than 20 anyway.
What is the meaning of research interview?Is it for Mtech or Mtech by research or for Ph.D.?
It is for M.Tech. by Research/MS/MSc. as well as Direct/Regular Ph.D. admissions.
Sir, how much weightage does gate score and interview have for getting admission in Ph.D. in top colleges?
What is the minimum number of gate score required to get a Ph.D. under a good professor in one of the top colleges?
@Arjun sir, what is the meaning of "NET JRF is mandatory" for IISc admissions? And what is the difference between Mtech(research) and MTech?
@Arjun Sir, do you think this year there could be a dip in the Rank to Score ratio?

In that case will there be a drop in College cut offs or students with previous year scores will take the cake?
Thanks Arjun Sir!
@Rishabh Now I know why you have a 2 in your name :)

NET/JRF is not required for IISc. If you have you are sure to get an Interview call for Research Admissions. More details can be seen here:

M.Tech. Research is same as MS Research. You can google and get lots of posts on the difference.

I'll update soon regarding how the Score is coming this year.
@Arjun Sir and also clarify the exact difference of TA and RA at IITB. Where does admissions takes place in both the courses there and instead of other old IITs should we choose RA at IITB just because of college reputation or not, Please clearify my doubt. Thanks in advance :)
@Arjun Sir, I already knew the concept of TA and RA that 3 years and 2 years just wanted to know that both  the courses will take simultaneous admissions or RA will start after all rounds of TA? (particularly for IITB)
@Ashwin I guess its mostly the same in IITB but also depend on the RA project you join. I'll tell about IISc, RA as I know better .Here we just have to take 3-4 courses and hence mostly related to our area of interest. For TA it is 10 courses and minimum 2 from each set is compulsory .Those who are good in mathematics and not so much in coding may prefer RA .Smart people finish RA in 1.5 to 2 years -- depends on how quickly then can get a good thesis work.
Thanks a lot @Arjun Sir. Cleared the main doubt.
@Arjun sir, where can we get all the information about MTech and all?

How to decide between IISc and IITB?

Which is better RA or TA? Based on courses.

Which courses do we have? Do we have branches(like we had in BTech)?

I am not sure what to do. Do we have to do research? It all looks scary to me.

I don't have much experience in machine learning(was just preparing for GATE, done nothing extra in final year), so will I be able to answer the interview questions? I don't even know my INTEREST.(sometimes I find OS interesting, sometimes Algo, everything looks interesting to me). How to decide?

What about foreign universities? (NUS, NTU) They seem to have better world ranking...

Where do previous year top rankers go?

How can we contact previous year students who went to IISc or IITB?

_/\_  :o ??
@Arjun Sir, What's the progress on this?
@Arjun sir, no updates???
@Rishabh Gupta 2

there is no strict trend where the previous year top rankers go, though they had choosen among IIT-B and IISc,

2017 topper choose IISc, 2016 choose IIT-D and 2015 choose IIT-B, it totally depends on one choices and interests.
For research a good guide and good environment is enough. Though in IISc there are more good facilities most old IITs are not far behind.  Even in IISc for course work specialization starts only by second year. So plenty of time to decide that. Currently ML makes sense due to high demand and high pay. But if one doesn't like, never think of going for it.
About 140 people filled the sheet and 130 are for ML and only 3-4 for theory. I'll update them in another few days.
ok sir.
@Arjun Sir, updates?
Can i Expect Interview calls at Rank 1087 and Score 648 ?