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Director ME, stop copying answers from GO. Make your own(correct) key (if you can). 
Answers without explanation, people are paying just for this. Really??

Official GATE key :



Edit: After challenge, range modified for question number 25. Previously it was 34 now 34 to 35.

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@Digvijay Pandey  sir

GO is always better than others

100% accuracy is Awesome :) Arjun sir _/\_
Did the official people out there just copy all answer keys from GateOverflow ? @Arjun Sir, @Bikram Sir, @Digvijay Pandey Sir, you are aweeeesomeee!!!
Definitely, GATE officials didn't copy but yes prominent (:-P) coaching centers and some self-proclaimed 'God Father of CSE GATE' copied answers from GO.

according to me @ Digvijay Pandey answer of Q36 can be option A

can you(any one) please give me concrete explanation even though official key also says option D.

Thanks :)

3rd OptionGiven two grammar G1 and G2, whether L(G1) = L(G2) 

is Undecidable. Because When nothing is mentioned about the type of the Grammar, It, by default, should be taken as A Valid Grammar i.e. Type 0 Grammar which itself covers All the Grammars. 

So, Now the given problem is nothing but  "Equivalence of two RE languages" Problem.  Which is Undecidable. 

Digvijay Pandey

Who is "God Father of CSE GATE" ??

Deepakk Poonia (Dee) thanks for reply but i am still not convinced ,can you please provide any reference for it.

Please Read my answer for this question :

And then let me know if doubt continues.

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