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In IISc admission form, when i am selecting department preferences, there i am getting

1-Computer Science & Engineering

2-Computational and Data Science

3-System Engineering

is the preference order correct?

and one more thing, there is nothing like Computer Science and Automation(CSA).

@Arjun sir, please help in this.

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@Arjun Sir please answer such questions for IISc admissions. We don't know about each course name and their general preference order. Please guide.
We have both Departments as well as Course.

CSA dept. - CSE course

CDS dept. - Computational and Data Science

SSA dept. - this is a virtual dept. between CSA and EE.

DESE dept.- more into Electronics side, embedded systems etc.
What's the general preference order between "Computational Science" and "Computer and data science"?

Are both for CSE only?
Yes, Generally Data Science should be preferred. Computational is more on the Interdisciplinary side where we apply Computer Technology to problems in other Areas. But I do not know more about the work in CDS (formerly SERC).
1.What should be mentioned as score for 2018 gate entry..

   Can we update it later?

    OR should we apply only after results are declared
We can update it later.
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