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The contest portal will be open tomorrow onwards, whoever has given 35 as answer please do contest. A difference of 1 mark can bring huge changes in rank/score. Even if it doesn't get accepted, at least we tried. 

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I think the answer would be 35, if they would have asked "minimum integer value" but they have asked "round to the nearest integer" which is 34.

Yes , we will challenge that question . May be they will consider . But it is asking for 500 payment right ??
For contesting this question argue that we have to use ceil function as per the situation. Though rounded to the nearest integer is given, the logic of the question merits rounding up. So, 34-35 is a better answer than 34.
I also lost the marks for tht same..  Please challenge it.
please challenge this for range {34,35} because 34 is answer as per round off to the nearest integer. but from the concept of CN it should be 35.
Those who answered 35 must challenge - and even 1 challenge is enough. So, no need to ask others to challenge.
Even one mark can get u iit  seat sometimes
I'll definitely challenge. I just thought the more people challenge the more convinced they might be. And yup we have to pay rs500, have spent more on movies,outings and other useless stuffs. Best of luck to us, hope they'll accept it _/\_
thanks you, Queenia !
Guys the question number and section should be as per offcial question paer so please be aware of that .
I don't see any problem here. They have explicitly asked you to round to the nearest integer, which is 34. Had they asked for the approximate value, 35 would have been correct.

PS: I also got this question wrong, but for a different reason.

If "Rounded to the nearest integer" is the main concern then check the language of this question. Same language but they've given a range for this one. 

yes question number should be CS section Q25. Don't thank me guys, contest if you can.
Arjun sir thank you for explanation,I'm adding it.

Please refer to this ... and experts give your valuable reviews..


Question no. 24

Wrap around time

BW- 1 Gbps = 10^9 bps


BW = 10^9/8= 125 *10^6 Bytes per second

Now we know that sequence number field in TCP header is 32 bits

Which implies 2^32 sequence numbers..

Now since TCP is byte stream protocol  thus for each byte one sequence number will be dedicated ….

Now according to given bandwidth 125 *10^6 sequence numbers will be exhausted in one second…

Thus for 2^32 sequence numbers it will take…

(2^32)/(125*10^6)= 34.359 seconds

Which means at this particular instant we will be completely exhausted of the sequence numbers..

So only after this time previous sequence number can be used to avoid any collision..

Now in question it is written that the “minimum time before this (I.e 1234) sequence number can be used again..

Actually the dilemma  is if we just  round off without any concept  then answer will turn out to be 34, but before this we cannot use the same sequence number.

And  if we go conceptually then we have to apply CEIL to the answer which will give us 35 as the  accurate answer is 34.35, so before this time unit  same   sequence number can’t be reused.

One more thing if we go with the language of question then 35 is more appropriate as minimum time before which we can use..Thus 34.35 lies behind 35 thus rounding off to 35 is conceptually right and genuine but if we use 34 then it can’t be minimum as before 34 it 's not possible to use sequence again..



BEWARE!!!!!     it's Question 25

@niket looks good
Thank You Sir that you reviewed it.. any modification you think can be done to this?
can i copy paste that explanation in contesting this ques @niket gangwar
@aehkn its better you write your own version , so to express why you think it is correct , if you think it is difficult to write , then it is not necessary already many people submitted .  i myself submitted so lets just wait and see what happens .

You can use that as a reference and then add your own points.Maybe you can come up with some other strong points.

will all people are benefited if its corrected or only those who contested for it

Can we challenge this question? 
We can count 1-ary + 2-ary + 3-ary + 4-ary + 5-ary + 6-ary min heaps. Is this right?


If they accept our challenge successfully and answer get modified as per our requirements then the fees will be refunded to all who have contested and everybody will be benefited,
Hi All,

Did anyone challenge this?Is there any update on this?Accepted or rejected?
March 14 we'll get to know.
This challenge is accepted and now answer is in range of 34-35. Kudos to people who challenged this:)
thank you queenia for challenging this.
Congrats to all! :)