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But this is not Final list.
Yes..this is the list of candidates who secured minimum percentage of marks in written exam.

For final selection rest of the information is given in website for Scientist B and Scientific Assistant A separately.
iam getting 65 in sta ,my serial number is yours
You just have to look at the number of vacancies and see if your rank falls within it.

For STA, the offers of appointment will be issued on the basis of merit, i.e., this list only.

So, does anyone know where would be the place of posting? Delhi only or state wise?
It is mentioned in advertisement that posting can be done anywhere in India in the interest of the organization
So, you went for STA or Scientist? Are you going to join?
when will they release final list of candidates short listed for Scientist - B ?
How to know the marks secured ..i forgot my login details....can anybody give me idea what was the userid ?
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