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Hi all,Gate is over now and its time to start interview preparation.

Here i am posting my gate result details.

It is my third attempt and i got 52.33 marks.

Go app is showing score around 673 and current rank 630.

I belong to obc category.

My aim was to get into iisc but due to silly mistakes i got this score.

Lets look forward ,i don't want to waste another year for gate and want to get admission in any course research/

Although ,i like all cs subjects but discrete math/co/os are my best.

In short, i just want to know what all the iits and courses i can get.

And where to start interview preparations as different courses require different preparation and i don't have any experience of that kind of interview.

Please provide any kind of help/resource/guidance.


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You can get IITG/H/R. And calls for some Research interviews.
I am also in same situation..  I got 52.67 obc-ncl
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