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Kindly have a glance at this piece of information


posted Feb 26 in Others by Boss (12,599 points) | 1,153 views



I did not understand what did u try to say? the person ranked 2nd in GATE CSE and then he must be in IISC Bangalore or IIT Bombay,  still during campusing he was not called for an interview by TOP product companies?

How can this happen?
People filter with btech from IIT and mba from IIM....I know some companies who exactly does this,there is a separate section in naukri website "IIT/IIM" jobs..
@sunny i mean to say after his btech he got air 2 and applied for interviews , but he did not get calls then later he joined into iit
ok :-)
(As far as I know)

Companies cannot afford training new employees often. People who give gate/cat are not preferred by companies as it indicates they are interested in further studies and they might leave the company to pursue further education or get into PSUs.

Quite obvious why companies won't hire him and not just because he is from tier 3 college :)

Though yes they filter according to college as they probably don't have a choice. For a post, they might receive thousands of applications.
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