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Hey Everyone

Currently, i am in 8th sem of my graduation and I want to pursue my masters in Machine Learning from India. So please suggest me the colleges where I can apply to pursue my masters.
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It would be beneficial if we could know some other non-traditional specializations and the top colleges offering them.

Also their scope/demands, research prospects etc.

If someone knows anything that could be helpful, please do share. Admins should also take notice of this.

For example IIIT has PG program in HCI, Robotics etc, Bioinformatics etc.

Someone I know told me that blockchain technology is on fire nowadays and very demanded.

Thanks for posting a constructive question.
The difference in learning a new technology or skill without learning hardcore basics is that you will be stuck with it and wont be able  move about very flexibly.That is what is happening in industry when people hear about this they get really excited and all sorts of crash courses has started in India who will try to train you in this like in 2-3 months(are you kidding me learn machine learning in 2 months??).Please be aware skills like data science,machine learning,blockchain,IOT rests on very basic stuffs like statistics,programming,sql,OLAP,operating system,networking principles...Then you need to apply these in real time scenarios.If you get into premium institutes in India then definitely good chance to get trained....or else best is to get into some old university or college where there are good faculties to train you basics on applied maths or stats.Once you are through with basics you can yourself learn half of thing and internet is full with these stuffs nowadays...

First Book to start on your own for data science:

probability & Statistics for engineers and scientists -- Sheldon Ross.

-- I am also an aspirant of learning machine learning and predictive analytics...I already have some work experience in data warehousing and data mining front but I am more interested to learn these concepts more deeply which is not possible without doing a full time course.
In a fast paced world, u r talking about slow moving turtles. Even the managers under whom he will be working would be hired from an MBA school. Ur views are correct only if u want to make a move in the research sector....otherwise jobs hardly require u to go through Sheldon's books that case most of the people are already working in machine learning......even tcs,wipro,infy are training resources in these skills,there are numerous tools which have inbuilt algorithms and graphic approach to work on such scenarios....if you are targeting a role typical like Data Scientist you need to really good enough...this is from a mentor of me who is one of the top data scientists in India...he has a double masters,phd in management science,an analytics certificate from ISB etc etc...and for a record we had an exam internally in our organization to select candidates for analytics contained almost every principle of basic statistics and programming exercises...Sheldon book is just a starter to this,but its not required to master it but you need almost every concept in that book.
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