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if any one knows about ms from iit madras please help about gate score approx (500-504 general category) is enough for getting shortlisted for written exam ?
posted Mar 4 in Preparation Experience by Active (2,797 points) | 714 views


Once you get score, please apply in the below link. There are chances that you can get.

I have secured 78.38% in According to GateOverflow Rank Predictor, I am getting 583 score in GATE 2018. Do I have a chance to be eligible for the written test for MS in IIT Madras?
no, previous year it was 600 for OBC-NCL

but you have to apply. they may call. in 2016, may be they call. but chances are very slim

@yankur9 and once after shortlisted for written  then  does gate score matter for further final selection processes????

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