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Guys, I joined MS program last year(July 2017).If you have anything to ask about this program, i am willing to help.

It seems that I can't comment so I am adding relevant details here.

Selection criteria : GATE score + written test + interview

Last year GATE score cut-off for MS program was 650(General).For others, I guess it was 600 or lesser(not sure). The selection was solely based on written test and interview after initial GATE score screening. The syllabus for the written test was similar to GATE though the questions were simpler to solve. If you have your basics clear, then it will be a cake-walk.

Don't skip any subject because every subject was covered in the question paper. For right answer +3, otherwise you get -1. Around 300-350 people attempted the test , only 47 cleared. So the competition was real tough. There were 30 questions in total.

For the interview, they will ask you to choose one subject from a list of 9-10 subjects. I chose DS & Algo. They will check whether your concept is clear in that subject. I was asked to prove the bound for BuildHeap operation on board and some questions on arrays and linked lists(don't actually remember). They will also ask some general questions(why you want to go for MS, etc). Finally 21 were selected out of 47(HTRA/ISEA/Project category). If you clear the written test, then you have a pretty good chance of making through.

For MS, you need to do a minimum of 5 courses(depends on guide).You will be given around 2 months time to select your guide by meeting and talking to every faculty in the department.So you can take your time and decide on your research area.From July 2017, the stipulated time for MS has been fixed at 2.5 years(reduced from 3 years, you will get stipend till that period).So, one needs to finish with the course work as early as possible and start with the research.

For research work, it is not mandatory to get your work published.I have heard people say that if your work doesn't get published, you will be stuck and won't get degree. It's a myth. You need to come up with some publishable content which will be reviewed by GTC committee.If your work is published, then the review work is easy, otherwise it will be reviewed by 2 external faculty(other institutes) working in the same area.

Regarding, my background

My GATE score was 735, rank 500. I worked at TATA Consultancy services for 2.5 years before joining here. My research area is Cryptography. If you have any more queries, please feel free to contact me.

Can someone tell me why I can't add any comment.

Edit: (Gen) If you have CGPA 8 or 75% in your B.Tech and  a valid GATE score of 650 or above, then only apply.

If you have any doubt, then inbox me.
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I was just filling up its form. Thanks for posting this.

Could you please share your academic background, GATE score/rank, IITM-MS written & interview experience, experience till now at IITM regarding the course & on-campus placement opportunities for MS students? Please add anything extra you would like us to know either as a caution or prerequisite for MS program.

I know I have asked a lot but I believe it will help everyone else who is applying for the same.
Yeah , It would be great if you share all the above information.
Maybe because you haven't confirmed your email yet
Thanks a lot for sharing this.

Were all candidates who applied were called for the written test?! I am unable to find any GATE cut-off in the brochure, just "valid GATE score" is written, what does that mean?

@rajarshi369 what about gate score of (500-503) becz u r sayi g admission is purely base on written nd interview can i get chance to write exam

Is there no btech cgpa or percentage criteria along with gate score to shortlist for written test?
how to apply for this program and can i apply if i expect a gate score of around 630 and a cgpa above 9 ??
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