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Hello friends !! Good morning..
This post is for those who may give ISRO interview in the coming months . I am going to share my interview experience in the below lines . I will try to cite the questions that were being asked to me as far as my memory goes.

My interview was scheduled at 3rd from the last. So I had lunch and Friday prayers then waited patiently and tried to stay calm and confident. It was roughly 4:45 pm when my name was called for the interview. So here the experience goes(I am mentioning the questions along with the answers which I gave) :

Interviewer : Introduce urself
Me : Introduced myself to all.Told about my graduation college and about my current job i.e. in BSNL.

Interviewer : Tell me about the subjects u have learnt in ur
Me : I mentioned Mathematics , Computer Architecture and Theory of Computation

Head Interviewer : What is Flynn's classification of architecture.Name them.
Me : Answered each of the types .

Interviewer : How does out of order execution occurs in pipe lined environment ?
Me : Answered.

Interviewer : What are the types of the hazards which are there in pipelining ?
Me : Answered.

Interviewer : What are the different types of data hazards ?
Me : Answered with elaboration.

Interviewer : What are the ways to reduce or eliminate control(branch hazards) ?
Me : Answered with elaboration.

Then questions on Maths were asked.They are as follow :

Interviewer : Explain about lattice.
Me : Explained properly

Interviewer : Some mathematical modelling problem.
Me : With a bit of hint from their side , I could come to the conclusion and answered rightly that it was related to bipartite graph.

Interviewer : What is Taylor's Theorem ?
Me : I clearly admitted to them that I was unable to recall as I studied about it way back in 2nd semester.

Interviewer : What is bijective and surjective function ?
Me : Explained

Then some questions about Theory Of Computation.

Interviewer : What are the types of grammars ?
Me : Answered and elaborated [ Type-0 to Type-3 ].

Interviewer : What is the practical use of regular and context free grammars ?
Me : Answered.

Other interviewer : Which programming language u r comfortable in ?
Me : I was very straightforward in this and told "C" bcoz I do not know each and every things of OOPS in C++ and also as far as Python is concerned , I know the basics of it only.

Interviewer : What r the command line arguments in int main()
Me : Answered.

Interviewer : To read or write from an arbitrary location from file , which function we need to use ?
Me : Answered(It was fseek() function)..

Interviewer : What does ls command do ?
Me : Answered.

Then some project related questions are asked regarding working and some basic terminologies behind it .

Interviewer : Tell me the pros and cons of collaborative and content based filtering .
Me : Answered .[My project was based on content based filtering]

Then the head interviewer took notice of the fact that I know six languages via the bio data form that they provided to fill prior to the interview.

Head Interviewer [In an appreciating tone] : How do you know so many languages ?
Me : Explained the reason behind each of them.

Finally some non tech question to conclude.

Interviewer : You are currently working in BSNL and that too in ur home state.. So what has made you think to join ISRO ?
Me : As a responsible citizen of our country , we are obliged to serve anywhere throughout the country.

Interviewer(Counter question) : That BSNL also does..So why ISRO ?
Me : Beyond doubt BSNL is also obliged to serve countrywide.But as far as ISRO is concerned , it is based on space science which has wider implications on the society.

[To add on] I got the inspiration to work in ISRO from Honble Late Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam with whom I interacted personally while I was in Class 10th..His zeal , simplicity and enthusiasm to work selflessly for the country has inspired me to move on..And hence if I am given a chance to serve ISRO in case I am selected , then I will give my best to serve my nation and the society.

The interviewers appreciated my answer and responded positively.The interview lasted for around half an hour.[By and large , others had around 15-20 minutes of interview].

In a nutshell , this interview was one of the nice interviews I ever had irrespective of the result which is yet to come..Though I look forward to it positively as the reaction of the interviewers was positive as far as I have felt.

All the best to you all..N plz pray for me as well so that I get selected in ISRO finally..


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Great. Congratulations Habib Sir


No idea mate. Stumbled across it while randomly checking ISRO's career page for any new notifications. 

Congratulation! Habib
Congrats bro
Do we need to carry Resume along with what they asked for in mail ? Please guide me what are all do we need to carry..
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