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I am a Civil Engineer, graduated in 2016 and want to change over to CS for Mtech. I had given Gate 2017 with little preparation and scored 42 then and was confident that I'll be able to crack the exam next year.

I prepared for the entire year and by January I was sure of getting into the first 100. However, I had a health issue during the exam due to which I had to leave exam hall for 25 mins (Gate '18) and so wasn't able to give my all (left 12 marks and quite few wrong because of hastiness afterwards).

I am scoring 58 this year now. And I am not sure of my options anymore. I have more than 1 year of gap after graduation, have nor the interest neither aptitude in civil engg.(took it up because of my father), no work experience, depressed since I could have scored much more had this not happened, and also not sure if I should take another year for the same examination.

What would you suggest?!!

I am very confident in my knowledge of Gate subjects and can also code well in C and java, however I don't know if that'll be enough for getting a job. I have heard there are a lot of caveats for someone switching streams during jobs and it really isn't advisable.

1) Should I appear again in 2019 (I'll be 24 by then, but could get into IIT-B or such)

2) Shall I take up any college I get this year

3) Or is it too naive to think about changing streams at this time and should just do the rational thing and leave CS since it isn't my background.

I know the choice is mine but would appreciate your honest opinions.

Also I want to change streams because of genuine interest, I feel like I would just lead a dull life if I don't do something I love.
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If you are able to score 58 in 2:30 hrs and you could have easily got into top 100 in 3 hours :). Despite of btech in civil, you have performed well in gate,so you must have studied thoroughly for CS gate and this is true only if you are genuinely interested in CS.So i would suggest to definitely switch your branch, In case you are interested only in old IITS,you still have a chance for IIT kanpur Mtech (as last time there was no direct admissions and for interviews they called upto 380 rank i think)and research in old IITS/IISC. Otherwise go for gate 2019:) if you are financially stable and ready to invest one more year.

if you are 24 by next year,then does it matter? 5 years down the line does it matter if you completed you mtech at age of 26 or 25 years?You know the answer:)All the best
Great score depending on your situation.

Based on the way you have written your question, my guess is that you should not drop for another year, provided you are able to get a decent NIT.

The placement opportunities are quite well distributed across all IITs and good NITs, so there is not much sense according to me in wasting another full year of your life.

As for research, that also depends on your perseverance, but here the institute you choose is of grester importance, but still I think there are great CS institutes apart from IITs too.

One thing of which I am not sure though, is that which institute/course would allow you to join with Civil in your UG.

If you want IITs, you can explore interdisciplinary courses on their website that don't have strict criteria for UG branch. There are quite a few, for example, at IIT K.

If I were in your place, I would seriously consider not wasting another year, considering what I've assessed up till now.
Thanks a lot, I really needed to hear that :)... But wouldn't having 3 years of irrelevant work experience (21-24) dampen my chances at any job?... Also I do not know any languages apart from c and java and a little bit of python that I am learning...
From what I know, once you are in the institute, the recruitment process is the same for everyone. Aptitude test and interviews. So it shouldn't bother anyone about your different work ex.

But as common sense dictates, you might be screened thoroughly to make sure that your basics are good, and your aptitude towards cs.

A step in right direction would be to join HackerRank etc and solve some problems.

Also, again, from what I know, topics like Dynamic programming, sql queries etc do matter in interviews of good companies.

As far as "knowing" programming languages is considered, I am inclined to think that you should have at least a practical, working mini project in that language to prove your point.
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