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Any one got made easy scholarship .please tell me how made easy provide scholarship and what is the procedure how much minimum marks required to get good scholarship...
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The scholarship is offered only on the tuition fees part of the total fee.
The slabs of discount are 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, and 10%.
The amount of student in each slab depends upon their budget and top scorers in the test that they conduct.
Still, if you are a new student you have to pay admission fees(5000 appx), books fee(If you are an ex made easy student then only you have option to avoid this) which is around Rs 11,500 and plus now you have to pay some Rs 8000 as GST charges.
So, even if you get 100% scholarship, you still have to pay 5000+11500+8000=Rs20000
And this scholarship is valid only if you take admission in full classroom course which will start from April to July 18.
minimum marks require to get scholarship  of 50% ..out of 100
I got 1st rank in NST 2 2017 for Delhi Ncr branch of Made Easy. Though i didn't take admission but as mentioned by Ayush, you have to give around 19K if you get 100% scholarship and if you are an ex-ME student, then you have option to skip books.

Coming to the test part, many questions will come from their test series, so the ones who performed well in test series will have an advantage.

They don't disclose marks but i think i got around 55-60 for 1st rank. So, 50+ is a good score.

Best of luck brother.
nst-2 for delhi 2018 i got 58.67 marks out of 100 can i get scholarship ..
Yes u will get scholarship 75%, this is what i think (can be slightly differ). If you are an ex-ME student, i would suggest you NOT to take admission again.
no i am not Ex made easy student..

but i want to take admission because this year i got 42.33 marks in gate which is disappointing for me that's why i decided to take admission . but due to financial problem i can not take admission if i will not getting any scholarship ..

this is my last attempt for gate 2019 . .
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