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Well everyone knows somewhat about these universities and the type of advertisement they pose.I just wanted to get a honest feedback about these institutes from someone who has studied from these or knows people who passed out from here.Since I am not getting good marks from gate exam,I am thinking to attempt it while enrolling into mtech and utilize semester break to try to get better rank next year(just to keep a backup).I had heard mixed reviews of these universities,I tried VIT exam last year but did not join in spite getting good rank.Also I have heard many people did quite well from these places while others are just placed in normal mncs.Are these universities atleast better than state universities or the lower level NITs in northeast?Are there atleast 40-50% good faculty?They seem to have internships for people actually get them or its just an eyewash?They show that they have collaboration with foreign they actually have them?How many people made to good universities abroad for Phd or research?
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What's your  score this year?
something around 33 marks I am getting ....really bad condition...:\
Try PGEE and BITS-HD instead.
definitely....everyone will try these,bit and iit-h is comparable to iits......I was thinking whether its even worth to buy the application forms these two colleges (which I mentioned ) or not....or anyone who prepared for gate will appear for their separate exams or not..
Rather than going to this college, either go for job or try for iiit h or other colleges
I have considerable experience from IT consulting job already....either I want to learn new stuff about advanced analytics and switch to better job or move to academics/research career.I was trying to understand if they teach anything in the Big data mtech course which VIT has most of the middle/lower level NITs course curriculum is almost outdated,their curriculum has most of the things which is required to launch a career in big data.Also big data analytics cannot be done via crash course 3-4 months its really vast and very difficult to do with a full time 10 hrs job...
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