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I need some serious advice whether I should prepare for

  1. GATE CSE for the next year or
  2. look for a job. If someone could help me through Referral, it will be really helpful for me.
  3. Go for MS abrooad. Is there any scholarship in good foreign University? I have financial constraints

My background: I am from EE background and had some basic knowledge of CSE courses. I have 3 years of career gap completely detached from engineering or tech world- No job, No engineering.  I may not be able to explain u what I did during these 3 years. 

I picked up these engineering books after 3.5 years and co-incidently had only 3.5 months when I started preparation from end of October. I wrote GATE CSE 2018. This was my first attempt. But, I am getting very low rank. Acc. to Pragy's app, it seems to be around 2500. 

From my analysis, I have realised :  

  1. I did not study Aptitude as last year this section was easy and thus missed the questions of Probability and Eigen values(PEV). Even the 2 ques of PEV which I solved correctly are not reflected in Response/Answer Sheet. Perhaps, I dint save them in hurry.
  2. I missed the revision of the covered portion. Perhaps, I needed 15-20 days more for the revision I required.
  3. I could not solve the previous years papers completely. Took ME test series but hardly had time to write any test. So, my speed was quite low. I could attempt around 58-59 question while skipping many.
  4. My Syllabus was only 85% complete. I left whole of Compilers and 50% of database. Besides, I lacked the time to sort out my doubts.

Please guide me what shall I do next ? Will it be right to sit for the exam next year with the hope of getting good rank? Or Shall I look for other options. I am completely confused or better to say lost. Dont know how to take future steps.



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saurav kumar firstly I tell u not to panic stay calm and think one question whether u want a good job or u are passionate to study in iit's or iisc the premium institutes of our country ??... I dont think u gave ur best this time there r people who are giving this for the 2nd and 3rd times and this time they cracked it.. the pattern of gate is changing the competition is increasing so as u say ur basics are not very clear no one can guarantee u on what ur result will be if u drop a year and give gate again except u because u know where u stand concepts wise so if u r really passionate about doing masters dont drop a year completely try for a job and then this time join some good coaching institute or online classes please dont do self-preparation when ur basics themselves r not clear ...i guess online coaching is better because it can be watched anywhere anytime(my opinion).. and on the other hand u can even do courses if u wish to put in some money to learn technologies TREE HOUSE is a very good platform which charges around 1000 rupees a month and u can learn anything u want sitting at home u can learn some technologies which can even help u getting a good job ... hope this helps
Gate question pattern has drastically changed...atleast this doing full time coaching wont help much you need to innovate,think deeply,practice and be patient during the exam day to get a good score.3 years gap service companies will make a big fuss about it for no reason especially try other companies and atleast prepare what you are going to say when they ask you about last 3 years,and definitely they will ask you.So dont get demoralised if you dont get an Mnc job you cracked gate exam right?you are certainly a bright student.By the way are you interested to do research?In that case you join any NIT/or government college get  mtech coursework and try for Phd.Or you may try for MS directly but there is no surety whether you will get a call.For foreign universities you can try singapore NUS they accept gate score 90 percentile and above.There is almost zero assistantship for MS abroad but if you can do well,either you will get a job or you can do paid research in the college itself.Its a high risk,high gain bargain you might need to take hefty loans.If you try MS,try US colleges atleast top 30,very certain you can get a job then...
Please try for all the other exams which have syllabus similar to GATE.This year ,your only mistake was not giving much time for preparation.

Do not worry about the nature of the job,just find a job to take a break from your preparation for few months.With this rank you can try for NITs..NITs are also good..After getting into NIT you can try for MS or PhD abroad..If you have determination,all doors are open..Good luck and hope to read your success post soon.
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