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Hi all,

My GATE 2018 rank is 1967 and score is 584 general category. I am B.Tech 2017 passout from CS branch and have already dropped one year for GATE preparation. Currently, I have no job offers. My dream is to pursue research in machine learning and further my career in this field from abroad. I think I might get Theoretical Computer Science in IIT, Guwahati as 2016 cutoff was 563 for this. Is mtech in machine learning and computing from IIST(Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology) good? Kindly guide me as I am feeling really confused. Please suggest some good colleges and how to pursue my field of interest. Thank you.

P.S.: I have also applied for BARC, ISRO, ISI Kolkata.

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I have similar score and pretty much everyone said IITs are impossible except the really new ones may be chances. Still hope for the best but dont have too high hopes for IIT Ghy. IIST as much I've heard isn't that great for placements but research is pretty good. But getting in there is another thing, they take only 6 people.
Why theoritcal  computer science so low cutoff is it for general ??
My rank is 1760 (GEN.)and I am final year student , what would you suggest to me ? Would i prepare for one year or join masters?? plz suggest ..
Thank you @Queenia  for the valuable advice. Please tell me why you are not advising IIT Guwahati for Theoretical Computer Science? Is it not good?
You guys got me wrong. I meant IIT Ghy cutoff will probably be high. So even if we should hope for the best we can't expect too much as chances are very less at this score.

And @Smishra95 I'm no expert, but if I were you I'd prepare another year. :)
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