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            Hello, I am omkar erudkar,currently doing final year of my BE in IT from Govt College of Engineering, Karad. I got 64 marks and 814 score.  Thanks to GO community. Thanks Arjun Sir for doing this priceless work. I hope my blog will help GATE aspirants for preparation.

            The gate syllabus is almost the syllabus of second year of BE. So It started in second year when I didn't know about GATE. I have always focused on understanding concepts thoroughly than just by hearting concepts for exams, which helped me a lot in GATE exam. It's like the dialogue from the movie 3 idiots that "success ke piche mat bhago, kabil bano kabil, success jhak marke tumhare piche aayegi". So I had prepared my second year subjects very well. In my 3rd year, I came to know about GATE exam from my seniors addressing as Imperial GATE coaching classes were gonna conduct coaching in our college. I decided to give GATE knowing that I am very good technically and intersted in further studies. I joined these classes, you could say it was a crash course, they used be on Saturdays and Sundays (full day). Some of the teachers were great & very knowledgeable. I would say that classes were helpful but it is not must to take coaching. Rather than that buying ************  ******'s lectures would be far better as you can watch them any time and at your own pace without having to sit in the class the whole hectic day. 

           After the coaching class was over I did not prepare for the GATE at all. As nobody else in the class was preparing for the GATE seriously. Which was very problematic for me as I am the kind of person who can't study alone I need friends studying for the same exam and competitive environment. Meanwhile i also saw previous year gate questions which used to give me headache. Looking at the gate questions i always used feel that i haven't studied anything. I realized later that i was not preparing by the proper way and I did not get the proper guidance. At the end of the third year I came to know about the handwritten notes of Ace and Made  Easy classes which was the game changer for me. Then I bought the notes of Ace classes and from may 2017 my actual preparation started. My one friend was also preparing seriously for GATE with me and he had bought ******** Sir's lectures.

                So I and my friend started preparing together. We made a Schedule. It was like we used to give around 10 days for one subject and we used discuss our doubts with each other. We used solve questions from ******** sir's test series and previous GATE questions from study material of Imperial class. We finished all subjects by the October 2017 end. I did most of the study from written notes and some of the subjects like CD,CO and some other topics which were completely new to me, I watched ******** Sir's lectures. In November due to semester exams I had to stop the preparation for a month which is a very big obstacle in the way of gate preparation.

              After the exams, in December I started revising the subjects and started doing Maths,DMS parallelly everyday 2 hrs in the morning. I finished the revision till around 10th January. In this revision, schedule was like i used to finish a subject in around 5 days(it also varied according to subjects volume). After the revision while searching answers of some GATE questions from geeksforgeeks and gateoverflow, I stumbled upon GO PDFs of previous year gate question and GO fb group which was another game changer and a jackpot to me. I solved all the questions from PDFs except Maths and aptitude as i didn't get the time but I had studied apti from written notes and maths from jee books. GO PDFs are very useful resources for gate aspirants, questions are very neatly categorized subject and topic wise. The answers to the questions are very brief and easy to understand.  

             This was it about my preparation and then i gave the exam with calm mind and result is there AIR 157.

TIPS: (these are my personal views which may be wrong)

1.Only reading from the standard books won't take you very far in GATE exam in terms of score and is time consuming too.Solving more questions will sharpen your concepts. Many toppers in there interviews tell that I studied this from this book and that from that book and blah blah blah. Which misguided me for a really long time. If you are in final year i will advice you to not read from standard reference books instead go by other ways as i have mentioned above in the blog. For 2nd and 3rd year students, I read from standard books in second year, list is at the bottom of the blog.

2.Solve as many previous year GATE questions as possible cause GATE is about beyond understanding concepts. Knowing concepts is just 50% of the GATE preparation. Questions may seem difficult at first because they are actually difficult. Don't get frustrated cause even i was not able to solve 60-70% of the questions. Keep solving the questions keep learning from mistakes.

3.Make your own notes if needed. I used written notes of Ace classes so i didn't make my own notes but I used to annotate on the pages of the notes itself. Note down your mistakes and improve them.

4.Discuss your every single doubt with your friends cause they are our best teachers. Competitive environment is very necessary.Don't look at how good others are just try to make yourself the best.

5.Don't prepare from study material of any classes which are given for practice. The questions from these materials are not that good  and theory given in material is not enough and good quality for the GATE exam. Many people read the theory from the material and solve practice questions from the material and end up getting low score in GATE. Solving previous year gate question is more than enough and  if you have enough time go through the all questions again. 

6.Avoid test series of any class as the questions in their test series will not help you much. I tried to solve a few topic tests from Ace test series and they were really difficult at the same time not much useful.I could score only 50-60 percentile in those 4-5 tests I solved. But in gate I got good score as you can see. Solve full length tests only for time management. I did not solve a single full length test because of shortage of time and my speed was fast enough. Instead i focused on solving as many previous year questions as possible.




1.OS - galvin

2.DS - Forouzan  & Algo - book by horowitz and sahani

3.CN - Tanenbaum and Data communications by forouzan 

4.TOC - Automata thoery Hopcraft

5.Maths - Ceangage Publicn JEE books and IES master publicn book

7.DB -  korth



.........Best of luck!!





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Congratulations :)
Congratulations :-)

and Congratulations to all of us who have qualified :-)
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