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Hi all,

I am Jeevan Kumar Miriyala, Final year undergraduate student , gate aspirant.

Rank : 687

Score : 691

I've been dreaming about gate since 4th semester of my under graduation.

I've learnt concepts from many places in YouTube(***,GatebOOK,GateCSE video lectures)..etc

I've learnt every single concept.. by searching it Internet(GO,SO,..etc).

I gave two test series(Kind of waste .. except for time management), I don't want to name them here.

But Why I didn't get at least 60 marks in gate 2018:


1. Didn't practice much ( Yes you have to solve more and more.... but not from test series )

2. comparing test series with Gate ( I used to get good marks in test series.. I thought  same thing will happen in gate)

3. I Didn't have proper sleep before gate exam ( because of which I marked 2 answers wrong that i have solved correctly)

5. I solved paper in Hurry because of which I could not see some easy questions(I didn't see parsing question, english questions aptitude ..etc).

Suggestions :

1. solve the questions from GO Book only, don't touch any Coaching Material.

2. Read from text books( at least for system courses to get more insight into subject) if possible.

3. Test series is not so important ( if you think you need to practice, solve GO book as many times as possible).

4. There are Better questions in GO Test Series than others.

posted Mar 17, 2018 in Preparation Advice by Active (2,457 points) | 622 views


Failure is important :) Thanks for sharing and Congrats bro :)
You got 687 rank our of approximately 1 lakh student. So why do you call it a failure? You rank is enough to get a call from old Iits for research.

There are lot of people who want to achieve for what you have achieved . So don't loose hope. Congrats for AIR687. And prepare for research interviews. If you need TA try new IIts. If you need TA from old IITS then go for gate 2019.You secured a good rank and you just need to add a little effort to convert to best.

Don't loose hope.All the best.
You'll easily get IIT G/H/R.Moreover, apply for IISc CDS (research interview)
DUDE, this is not what "failure" looks like.

Scoring in the top 1% is not "failure", you don't look in a good state of mind currently, hope that changes soon :)

Anyways my advise to you would be to do something real rather than preparing for gate again (if you are thinking about it):

Make a software project, indulge in research or contribute to some open source project -- these are far more useful than preparing for some entrance exam.

And join a college, you have good chances of getting into IIIT Bangalore, Delhi and Hyderabad -- all of which are awesome places to be at.

Cheers and have fun, that's the most important part, if you aren't having fun while studying/doing research/working on a personal project, you are doing it wrong.
congrats on your performance!...people die for that rank!...stop preparing for years and years for gate to ace a maybe 2 digit rank...there is hardly much difference between people below rank <1000,just that some scored more marks or less....try to apply knowledge and research rather than slog for gate again you will get a good college with good peers ,thats all that matters most.
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