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Thanks to Gateoverflow for helping me during my Gate2018 preparation
posted Mar 17, 2018 in Others 1,177 views


I thank each one of you (Seniors and friends) for your valuable answers comments explanations sharing concepts providing study material links and support.

Last 4 months I learnt from nothing, but only from the GO previous year question/answer discussion, that helped me to build the little knowledge I have today !!

Thank you Gate Overflow :-)
You are welcome :) But please add the post under Testimonial-2018 Category and say about your rank.
@Arjun sir. Thank you very much. I owe my result to gateoverflow. I just don't have words to thank.

I was not able to contact you, private messaging was disabled. So, I commented here.
@Arjun Sir

Sure Sir .. Let me find out the testimonial 2018 blog and will do it asap.
wow @Rishabh Gupta2

what a success!!!! Congo :)
congo @Sunny Mukherjee
@Sunny Mukherjee what rank have you secured this year?
@Rishabh Congrats :) Among the active users of GO you are the topper :)
Thanks Arjun sir.

I wanted to contact you personally. How can I?

I think it is there mentioned in my profile AIR 751 , though i believe my rank is not at all worth mentioning separately.
@Rishabh Please update your whatsapp number on your profile. I'll add you.

@Sunny Mukherjee How many marks did you score and was your preparation time for GATE 2018 was of 4 months?

Congratulations  Sunny Mukherjee &  Rishabh Gupta 2

@Sunny Mukherjee Congratulations and all the best for future
Namita Kalra Air 1 CS 2018 watched her video...

@Rishabh I know you are superbusy right now but if you can please make 1 youtube video and share the link here as Arjun Sir declared you are the topper amongst the all active users of the GO family, will love to hear you then
@Sunny Mukherjee thanks for the appreciation. But I don't think it's much required. I tried to cover everything in my blog. It's easier to write systematically than to say it in a video.
So happy for you..

Have a great life and an awesome career ahead :-)