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Hello Everyone,

I'm Ashwin Kulkarni GATE 2018 AIR 323, in my first attempt. Though the rank is not very very much attractive But it is quite good.

I joined GO in mid-October, I guess after that it boosted my confidence drastically. The confidence of tackling questions, a habit of continuously exploring new terms helped me a lot while solving a question paper.

I will share my journey (I'm sure many people can correlate with it :P)

So in the third year, I decided to go for a GATE 2018. But as I mentioned in the title I was very very crazy during my college days from 1st year itself, took part in almost every anchoring, interviews, Street-Plays, magazines team head and many more college events. Then the question arises How should I prepare if I'm not stable enough. Because GATE exam needs only consistency and continues Hard work. So in Feb-March, i started studying subjects one by one. Remember If you want to get into Top 100 or 400 and if you are my type of person then first complete all the subjects because we can't rely on a particular subject by skipping other one or two. Then I completed my syllabus in December '17. One of senior Kantikumar Lahoti (GATE '17 AIR -39) Introduced me to the GO. Then, believe me, I completely left all the social media platforms. (This was a drastic step towards success for a very social guy like me) and after that GO is the only social cum technical platform for me.

I tried to answer many many questions, many wrong answers were corrected by Nitish Joshi (AIR 14 GATE '18). I learned a lot from him. Then special thanks to Arjun Sir, Anu007 Sir, Habib Sir, Debashish Sir for their valuable answers. In this GO journey, I got many new friends - Nitish Joshi, Abhishek Tiwari, Gauravkc, Hemant Parihar and many more.

My habit of coding also helped to tackle questions of Algorithms TOC and OS. So if you're Hackerrank, Codechef member then it will somehow help you. All Gateoverflow Question papers are seriously the best. and this year's GO answer key is 100% correct :) Still while solving question paper I made 3 silly mistakes which surely took me to top 200.

So my message to all GATE '19 aspirants - Believe me GATE is a too much conceptual exam and we are fortunate our competition is little less compared to CIVIL and MECHANICAL, Just prepare consistently and positively. Solve as many as question papers in the last month. If you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend keep him/her aside for few months :p. Do everything in the college don't miss those days too. But while studying you should be focused and consistent.

Thank you so much, GO family.  

posted Mar 18 in 2018 by Boss (17,789 points)
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a blog worth reading was waiting for this.I saw your profile around December (i guess your were BOSS at that time). then 30-40 days later you were VETERAN (i was shockedthat shows how much you contributed towards GO. many times i saw your discussions with various people that encouraged me to clear my concepts (although i didnt contributed in those discussions but i followed it :P )... In the end AIR275 (first attempt) along with GO community i would like to thank you... and ya being a competitive programmer helps a lot .....

@abhijeet pandey I congratulate you for your success too. As I mentioned earlier I was very much talkative hence I joined many discussions but anyways you too got a very good rank :). Hope to meet you in some interviews.
Brother, I Still remember that you had helped me in clearing my doubt in pointers by giving different approach and Congrats, it is not a bad rank at all and best of luck for interviews.
Great..congrats :) Have a great journey ahead
Congrats Ashwin (y)
congrats Ashwin :), you were my best partner during this journey.
Congrats Ashwin :)
Congratulations brother
Congratulations Ashwin. :)  and all the best (Y).
Thank You so much for the edits and making this post more attractive @Anu007 sir.

Thanks @akb1115, @sukanya das @Laxman Patil RJIT @junaid ahmad

Special Thanks and heartiest congratulations to @joshi nitish and @hemant parihar
Congratulations bhava.. :-)

Hope we meet at IIT Bombay :D I stay nearby :P
Congratulation, Ashwin!

All the best for interviews.
Congratulations, Ashwin...!! Have a bright future ahead!!
Congratulations Ashwin :)
Thank You @gauravkc, @hacker16, @Sukannya @Ashwani Kumar. :)

And Gauravkc I will call you for sure when will be there for the interviews :)
Congrats Bro :D
Thanks Bro @Mk Utkarsh.
Congratulations Bro. Nice to see guys from Maharashtra....:)
Congrats Ashwin and all the best for all your future endeavors :)
Thanks @ashoklb and @VS all the best to you too :)
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