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Are you preparing well? Except a very few most would not say "yes" to this. Some people are very confident with their concepts and most others are in tension. So what to do?

My advise - Take a day break. Do whatever that makes you happy. And after this think for sometime about what you are doing.

There are some people who got top rank in first attempt, in second attempt, in third attempt etc. So, suppose one gets a top rank in third attempt - why could not he/she have gotten that in second or first attempt? If you think lack of time - most times it is not. Usually it is due to bad preparation. And once you get to a bad preparation it usually takes a GATE result to change it. This is evident from many people here- I do not know what they did, but many people who were here last year and are now, have improved a lot. This shows in their thinking and answering. But the thing is that, this could have even happened last year. Or for many of you this can happen this year and not next.

Even now there is a lot of time for GATE. What you need to do is, do not worry about anything and just study properly. Even if you understand only one new concept each day, that is enough. Make each day worth - not by spending 10+ hours with book, but by spending at least 1 hr thinking about some problem/concept. Each one of you is different:

  • Some have good numerical skill
  • Some have great accuracy
  • Some have good imagination
  • Some have good memory capacity

So, you should make use of what you have in the best way for GATE. And try to minimize the effect of what you lack. Knowing concepts is of course the main thing, but how to do it is also important. At 20+ age you are not supposed to ask for spoon feeding and rather question whatever is being told to you - at least in mind. As I had told earlier no test series is going to tell you anything more than previous year questions (some like ACE test series will also loose you your verbal ability marks). So, do not worry about the sea of questions here. Just concentrate on GATE ones. Why not understand the GATE syllabus yourself rather than asking someone about it?

And do not forgot to take a break if needed and analyze your preparation. Might even recharge your brain. It is like an out of form batsman taking a break and coming back smashing the ball to all parts. Also, you should be mentally strong and not worry about anyone else. Your friend and enemy are only you - never care of anyone knowing more than you nor for anyone knowing less than you. Group study is good- in clearing concepts. But after this self improvement and revision must always be done individually.

I was never a preacher and yet this is my third blog. I just wanted to say these for a long time. Hope I have said everything now. All the best for GATE 2017 :)

posted Nov 17, 2016 in Preparation Advice by Veteran (384,499 points) | 2,154 views


Thanks a lot, sir.  : )
Thanks a lot...
Thanks a lot sir for valuable suggestions..
Thanks sir !
arjun sir i want some advice. Is it worth spending more tym on combinatorics? Can u please advice important topics in mathematics part??

Hello Sir,

I fondly read your blog series for IISC/IIT admission, So I decided to revert you with kind gesture and words of appreciation. I also noticed that many pure science post graduates are confused about career choices. In India, there are a gross of 777 universites(according to wikipedia), So there must be some hidden opportunities for research and career as well. I would like to request you to guide these candidates with your acquired knowledge about exams like CSIR NET, BINC, SLET, BET; So that they can choose wisely according to their specialization in post graduate degree and grab these hidden opportunities. For an instance, not many are aware of BINC, BioInformatics National Certification Examination, Biotechnology candidates can get certification and fellowship for their excellence in the subject through this exam.

Kindly write about these exams sir, we are looking forward for your in-depth anaysis and elaboration for these.

Thanku sir for your advice ... need some tips on how to cover the difficult topic and how to efficently done my preparation as its a last month ...
@sushmita Yes, They will come for 2-4 marks and even help in solving other questions. Might be included in aptitude also. IITM notes, Kenneth Rosen are pretty good for it - these topics increase one's intelligence level also.
@Hemant Unfortunately none of them are for CSE branch (CSIR NET was stopped some years ago for CSE). And this site is exclusively for CSE as there are no one here to support other branches.
@priyanka It depends on what your difficult portions are. I hope they are not any subject in TIFR syllabus because all others you can easily do and fix in coming days. Most important is to identify the topic areas you do not know now.
Thanx Arjun sir.
Arjun sir can u please tell some resource to study deletions in B+ trees?? This topic i am not able to find anywhere. Any advice??

Why? :O Its link is given in

It's awesome. Thanx again Arjun sir. I was stupid not to find it before.
is ARIES algorithm in gate syllabus?? DBMS
any good resource for exponential generating functions??
yes sir ... i have some difficult areas likes CO and in algo(complexities) and in maths, so i want some guidence on how to be confident over this topics as this will affect my scores... and i also want to know that how can i improve my performance  and good commands on various topics. i have studied but still ... sir something is missing bcoz of which i am not able to score gud in test series .. plz sir help me out

@sushmita both are not in syllabus AFAIK - but you can see

@priyanka "complexity" is a must. Do it from Cormen - a lot of questions on it can be seen here (see from oldest to latest)

This topic must be 100% confident for GATE. CO - cache memory and pipelining must be strong especially the usual types of problems.

@priyanka what you miss is make sure you know right things/ concepts thats it. And revise daily before going to bed and after wake up to remember.

thanku sir ...
@arjun sir am i doing right by taking subject wise revision which includes only gate questions, tests  and ppts of os, cd, cn and doing this for max 3days per subject and for toc, cd 2days/subject
if i have to improve my schedule then plz tell me
@Aantra I never comment on individual preparation schedule - as it varies from person to person. But why are you doing 3 days for some subjects and 2 for others?

Now more than 40 days are left for GATE. If one gets 1-2 marks per day of preparation he/she can easily get to IISc/IIT. So, to get that 1-2 mark you should focus on things you dont know, make mistakes etc. For those who have been preparing for some months already, I recommend doing more exams, solving numericals etc.
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