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I am not very super genius guy. I belong to obc category.I didnt qualify jee main in 2 attempts.I passed out in from 3 rd tier college 2017 didn't have any job offers yet. In my college no body used to write gate exam so I didn't no about it as early as I have read in here in someone's post preparing from 3 rd year.

Every senior gives some advice to juniors but in my college My seniors used to play CS(counter strike) so I followed them and from 3 rd SEM to 7 SEM I played CS and passed B.E without backlogs bcoz I used to study 2 days before exam.

One of my friend who got 140 marks in jee main started preparing for gate 2017 and then suddenly he stops I asked why he said he has become lazy and won't qualify gate. So I thought when he can't do it will be impossible for me.

My university was not Indian and I didn't know about compiler design,TOC and Algorithms anything bcoz their syllabus didn't include that.I still have given Gate 2017 without preparation(Not qualified got just 10 marks).

Now GATE 2018 journey

Since my btech didn't have gate syllabus so I joined a gate coaching in august 2017 and started preparing for gate. And I also followed GO community for previous years solutions. And I just given test series of vani institute Bangalore. I used to get around 30 marks in test series.

Now in my Gate exam I panicked bcoz the topics I read I wasn't able to score there and got 23.67 marks in Gate 2018(AIR-14969).Due to panic situation I lost almost 7- 8 marks.

Mistakes Done By Me-

Should have prepared more deeply in concepts.I m just writing this bcoz if I have any regrets then it should not be for next year exam.I m motivated after reading post where people have 5k ranks now got 2digit rank.

At last thanks to GO community again for all support.

Any advice , comments which can help me write please don't ignore.Suggestions are invited.



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I myself scored very bad, AIR 4276 , but an advice from me is don't focus too much on test series, focus on solving previous gate questions. I did a mistake by giving lot of tests which made my study test oriented , and started getting comfortable with tests, but in gate every question will be new , unlike test series.
See every question as a new question and apply basics to solve it and most importantly, keep calm and don't misread the question.
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