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Hello Friends,

First of all congratulations to all for your success in GATE 2018.

I also took GATE 2018 prepared like hell.Started preparation from the month of April, didn't even sit for College placements.

When the result announced I got only 3300 Rank.and 39.38 marks.(I belong to SC category and belongs from Rural background)

I don't what I could get.Please suggest should I take whatever college I get or give GATE another attempt.
posted Mar 19 in Preparation Advice by Active (2,093 points) | 837 views


check for what u get in the college predictor of gate overflow
This is a tough call you have to take yourself
I would suggest that , take up any college if you do not want to repeat full time just for the sake of being unemployed, well i would say that u did pretty well enough this time and can be improved a lot in next attempt , i will surely say go for GATE 2019 irrespective of  what you choose this year...
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