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I owe my success to GO. This is the best place for previous year question and explanation. Never thought I will get into top 100 . I can surely tell one thing, doing all the previous year questions honestly , will land you in top 100 ( I am definitely not suggesting to mug them). Unfortunately I have never contributed as such to GO,only countless upvotes (if that counts) to the beautiful answers by experts like Arjun Sir , Bikram Sir , Habib Sir , Praveen Sir (TOC answers) , Sachin Sir ,Praggy Sir (always seen him answering the most difficult math questions) and many more . I know only these words will do no justice , but thanks again.
posted Mar 19 in 2018 by Junior (577 points) | 728 views


Congrats bro :)
Congrats BHI.. ..sera ....inbox check kor

Congratulations   Pritam .. Have a great life ahead :)  :)

Pritam Dutta Congrats bro :)

what's your rank btw. and bhai ek question or aapne syllabus kab khatam kar diya tha.
Hav u joined any coaching ??
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