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I have given gate this year and secured a rank 5444 marks-35. with this rank I will not get any good collage. I m planning a year drop and preparing again. I am currently in final year and not even placed. The companies arriving in my collage are giving only  1.5 - 2 L packages. I want to study in a good institution ang get placed in good companies. I m feeling very demotivated. Seniors I need your advice. Please help me.
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If your family is financially stable, I will suggest you to not go for any small paid job where you will not get satisfaction.

Without any second thought start preparing from now itself.

If you are not financially stable then prepare well 1 month for job interviews, and you will get it. After that mange your time GATE preparation, any how u had covered all syllabus, so you don't require everything from scratch.

If you are getting 35 marks in tough paper, i fell you have potential to go for GATE 2019.

All the best
IF a company is offering you  2L package only then join the company no issue in this (with experience definitely your salary will increase after 2-3 yrs and you can switch to other companies , If you take drop suppose still you did not get good institution , then what happens is you will have 1 year gap and morever then private companies will not consider you much , today it is very difficult to get a job in private sector if you are not experienced or if you didnot get placed from college . I did same mistake  i placed in 2-3 small companies but i decided not to go there  and in gate 2018 i didnot get good rank

and i regret my decision today of not going to those companies . :(

Remember , gate is not only the thing by which you can go to big companies

many people started from a very low salary but now after 2-3 years they are earning more than 50k

so my suggestion is to join company and along side prepare for gate

or other thing you can do is to give gate until you didnot fetch <500 rank , but you will feel tensed  because many of your friends will be working and you feel that you are jobless .
Thank u for ur advice.

I m not financially stable. I live in a small town so it is hard for me to get a job here.

can u suggest how can i get a  satisfactory job.
sit in placement drives in your college and try to get selected in those companies
if you want just good package try off campus interviews...dont drop full year,gate is very unpredictable nowadays and exam day anything can happen.With your rank you can only get northeast NITs in spot round and its not advisable to join unless you are thinking of Phd as placements from middle level nits is almost zero.I advise you to join pg diploma courses in cdac starting in august.Exams will be held in June-July,please check their website.Try to get good rank and join cdac pune,every year many companies visit and offer good packages,check their placement record.Its one year course only mainly given by industry experts.This is better than to get a degree of mtech.
Thank u sir... I will try for cdac.

every year many companies visit and offer good packages

@Surajit Which companies and how much do they pay? Couldnt find anything on their website. The few people that I know who did join CDAC only did so because they failed every entrance exam they took and just couldnt get ANY IT job. (not even TCS, Infosys, Cybage, etc)

BTW why are you taking the GATE again if you think joining CDAC is better than Mtech?


one of my cousin did CDAC and he says biggest mistake he did by doing CDAC CDAC dont ensure you get a good job

one of my friend got into Torry harris one got into oracle both pay above 5 lakhs for freshers......I heard from them,I am not sure of the present scenario now,It has 2-3 times pool campuses and people get multiple offers.Better is you enquire from the program managers and current students.Why i said its better because Mtech in any college other than top IITs and top Nits does not guarantee you any here in IIEST Shibpur /Jadavpur univerisity mostly placement are for btech and mtech placement scenario is below 1%.If you have to join wipro,tcs after mtech there is no point right.If you are just looking for jobs whats the point in mtech? I am taking GATE because I want to be in academic/research field,the person who possed the question asked if she could get a better job than 1-2 Lakhs.So she can go for pool campuses and pg diploma courses....obviously if you think of companies like facebook,intel you need to have something special....not just a mere degree or coursework.
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