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Well after the results were out, I decided to apply for MS at NUS and NTU( thanks to the GO community, someone let me know here that they accept GATE score). However, I find that I cant apply for their July admission as the deadline has already ended. Probably, February was the last date. Can anyone, who has applied there or has any sort of info, let me know if there is any other way around to apply? I have decided to mail them. However, any sort of advice in this regard will be highly appreciated.
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I am also thinking of applying to the same universities but whatever information i got, i think we have to wait for their jan semester. If you get any reply from them please let me know!
I also tried to do the same but in addition to GATE  u need to give TOEFL /IELTS and (compulsory)then also should be having some experience on research as they also look into the profile ... GATE score is just for the entry and after that they look only at ur profile so take care about that
Yes 90% ile score in GATE one can apply.They mostly look for profile,I have work experience but not sure whether they will accept that as valid for their research programs as its IT consulting experience.Its better to prepare for GRE and give that score as well,with GRE I think you dont need IELTS score and its easy compared to GATE.When is the next admission season?
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