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I cannot thank GO enough for the motivation and guidance I got from it. GO PDF and course text books are all you need for GATE CSE preparation. The accuracy and the clarity of concepts in GO PDF is no where to be found. Since few months, visiting GO and it's Facebook page has become kinda hobby for me. I don't know how can I repay the forum. Hats off to the owners and every active contributer here. I have committed many silly calculation mistakes in the exam and had to pay for them with around 12-13 marks. Else I could've made it to top 50. So, I feel that good grip on GO PDF can make you score above 75 if not 80 if you don't commit silly mistakes. I vouch for it. (By good grip, I don't mean to memorize the process of each model of sum. I mean to understand the intuition behind every solution with clarity.)

Million thanks once again.
posted Mar 22 in 2018 by (39 points) | 443 views

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Congratulations :) :)
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