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I am finding it very hard for managing both the tasks in parallel. But I know, people have done it before too. So, dear experienced people, kindly extend your  advice. I just have 1 month left. And I have already prepared for GATE 18 (scored just 32/100 ).


If you know any blogs / experiences of people managing jobs and Preparation in parallel, please post the links in comment.


Also, I am currently living in Magarpatta, Pune. And I am interested in forming study groups. If you can help. Let's get together.
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I used to live in laburnum :p
OMG, same here please advise. I also prepared for GATE 18 (scored just 34/100 ) and I am also finding it very hard for managing both the tasks in parallel. The only difference is  I am currently living in Vishrantwadi, Pune. Please guide us.

When I was doing my internship in ( e-commerce startup in mumbai ) from May 15 th to Sep 15th. I used to work for 10 to 12 hours daily since it is startup, there will be a lot of work to do.

But still I managed to extract 3 to 4 hours daily to study for Gate 2018.

I used to wake up early in the morning at 6 probably I used to study upto 9. ( 3HOURS)

After that I used to get ready and tiffin...etc and reach office by 10.40 to 11.00AM etc.

I used to work till 9PM ( Some times even more ). Then reach home by 10PM, fresh up and cooking and eat fast ( time 11pm ). study till 12pm ( 1 Hour). And go to sleep.

Again woke up at 6AM in morning...

In this way I used to extract 3 to 4 hours roughly everyday to study for GATE.

#What you need is a strong desire.

even though I didn't get a Good Rank in Gate 2018. I just wanted to tell you.

( I can't even imagine .. how  I was able do that ... I don't have that much desire to prepare for Interview for IIT's now... May be not a strong desire now )

I live in hinjewadi, i was even able to manage gate with my job. Got AIR-744 in Gate 2018 and now  i am even able to manage for pgee. It all depends upon your desire. 

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