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Last time ECIL recruited was in 2012–2013 and I was not able to get any info about the interview procedure. So I decided to write it down to help future aspirants. ECIL GET 2017 written was held on 21st January 2018 nation wide. 40 people were selected for interview against 10 posts.

Location : CLDC ECIL,Nalanda Complex, near TIFR Hyderabad

Time: 8:45 AM onwards

Duration: 30 mins on avg.

Process : 2 round document verification followed by interview.

Interview Experience

The panel consisted of 6 members.Each of them were the master of their own field. Some said they were not from ECIL but from outside. (maybe from BARC, TIFR or IITs).The panel was very humble and friendly. No certificates or resume or cv was needed to be taken to the interview room (certificate verification will be carried out before).

They asked me my name , college where I did my engineering, year of passing. They might even ask few general queries about your home or college placements.

They asked me if I was prepared for the interview to which I replied “only few subjects”. They asked me to write down those subjects and a programing language along with that.

I wrote :

1. CO

2. OS

3. DS

4. C language

Few of the questions as far as I remember.

  1. Draw the diagram of the architecture of a computer.
  2. What are the speeds of your CPU and Main Memory?
  3. How does the computer manage the speed difference between Processor and RAM ?
  4. What is a cache memory? Which concept is the reason because of which the cache memory works effectively? How read and write operation occurs in cache memory (Write through and Write Back).
  5. What is the size and speed of a cache memory in general?
  6. Draw the memory hierarchy diagram and tell us the relative speed of each memory type.
  7. Explain how cache memory works in detail ?
  8. What is an interrupt? What are the types of Interrupt ? Explain interrupt cycle in detail? Is the interrupt executed after finishing of current cycle or current instruction or current program ? Where is the current states of a process stored when an interrupt occurs?
  9. What are the types of Interrupt pins in 8085 microprocessor? What is 5.5, 6.5,7.5 in RST 5.5,RST 6.5 and RST 7.5 ?
  10. How many pins are there in 8085 microprocessor. Can you draw them ?
  11. What is paging ? Explain it in detail in paper.
  12. What is inside a page table? Are all the entries in a page table valid ?
  13. What is virtual memory?
  14. Explain any process synchronization technique in pen paper. Why there is a need of synchronization? What is a critical section ?
  15. Do you know about windows server edition 2015 ? (I answered No and later I found that there is no server edition 2015)
  16. What is a stack ? What are the applications of stack ?
  17. Which type of program is better, Iterative or Recursive ?
  18. Pros and cons of iterative and recursive programming methods.
  19. Write a program to find the factorial of a number using recursion? ( Asked me to explain it step by step, they made changes to the program and asked me what will happen to the output etc etc)
  20. Draw the activation record diagram of the above program and explain it.
  21. How will you know that stack overflow has happened ?
  22. How can we know the size of the stack for a program ?
  23. Write a program to check a leap year and explain it line by line.
  24. Why can’t we use the desktop’s windows 10 on your smartphone?
  25. What is a kernel in OS and how does it work?

In the end they asked me how was the interview and I replied “It was a great experience”.

They will ask you “what”,”why”,”how” to every new thing you speak. These were the overall questions. They asked many small questions in between my explanation to other questions.

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thank you for sharing your experience. Hope you will be selected !!!
No i was not selected :D
Ok.. Any way you got a experience..  It will be help ful in your future interviews.
Thanku for your Sharing
Can anyone here comment about ECIL like should one go how is the culture environment etc are there..
Work culture is excellent in ECIL. People will join from April 2. After that you can get the exact info
I am also joining on 2nd April  :P

anybody else from this group is joining there ?
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