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I would like to thank you all for helping me achieve this dream.

This was my first attempt.
I did my B.Tech in CSE and graduated in 2016. I was working in TCS and simultaneously preparing for GATE. Gateoverflow content made my concepts stronger as I progressed.

Towards the end I started enjoying re-reading the solutions (even for the questions which I marked correct while practicing) only because of the perfect way they were answered. How to tackle a question from all possible scenarios, making use of every word in the question, etc are what I learned from this site.

Kudos to the team, I've already resigned from the company as I already knew I'd be in top 100 (my predicted rank was 71-97).

The rank predictor kept me and my dad on an adrenaline pumped journey since a month now. I'm not there in Facebook, so my dad used to ask questions/comment regarding the rank predictor in GATECSE FB group and sometimes Arjun sir used to reply. My dad became an active member of the group towards the end.

Because of you all and my family's support I could be in top 100 and now am looking forward to the next big turning point of my life.

My younger brothers have also started preparing for GATE and I've asked them to refer to this bible called "Gateoverflow" for their practice sessions and doubt clearance.

Thanks & Regards,

Abhishek Varma
posted Mar 25, 2018 in 2018 3,169 views


Thank you Prasoon. I'm glad!
Thank you @chalam121.
congrats Bro.

What are your marks out of 100?
Thank you.

My marks : 68.67.
Many Congratulations and Wish you all the success.