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How was 2018 barc cse exam regarding its difficulty level nd areas of question picking???
posted Mar 31, 2018 in Others by Loyal (5,975 points) | 2,134 views


Not at all easy.  Almost no straight forward question. Mostly numerical. Many long verbose questions. Many oops questions on cpp. Questions were similar to GATE but not copied. Reading question were taking a lot. ISRO questions are lot easier and ditto copied from GATE, thus harder than ISRO. 100 questions in 2hrs with such verbose  questions is tough to manage time. Some questions are from distributed system neural networks etc. 

on an average what can be the cutoff this year because last year exam level was easy nd cutoff was 135 for cse........

well this question was from gate 2004 (

Identify the correct translation into logical notation of the following assertion. 

    Some boys in the class are taller than all the girls ..................................

lots of java (OOPS) , Co Question .....        Question are moderate level , but according to time and verbal description of questions make it.....Tough.
Questions were from soft. eng., distributed OS and rest all belonged to gate syllabus
Software engineering, Computer Graphics, OOPS, Distributed OS were extra to GATE syllabus. Other than that it felt quite lengthy.
Well! Coming to BARC,More importance was given to Algorithms and Data Structures..

Questions were from Network security(to be specific)like Diffie Hellman,Cipher Text,RSA,Public Key than CN(Subnet Mask,VPN).In Algo,mostly sorting questions..DS--Stack permutation,stack implementation using queue,Max heap,BST..Maths-Eigen Values,Graph Theory,Predicate Logic..DBMS-Conflict Serializablity,Transaction ques..Only one question from Computer Graphics..Extremely simple ques from TOC and CD..

Personal Opinion:BARC was easier than GATE if one is quick in skipping time consuming ques because yesterday I found most of the easier questions at the end..
Completely agree even if people can skip all the non gate questions one can easily solve 65-70 questions and  in exams like BARC the art of skipping questions becomes more important than the art of solving questions one should know which questions to solve and which to leave.
I appeared in morning session of 30th march. Reading the comments i thought question will be easy but it was not that much easy also.

but sometimes session cutoff differs

so, At last questions were not that much easy but not that much tough too.I attempted 60 questions
Anyone from 31st, 2:00 PM slot?

What could possibly be good no. of attempts as per previous records?
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