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Hello folks,

I am very thankful to GateOverflow which makes my dream comes true... I am selected as a Assistant Engineer in PTCUL and all credits goes to GO and all helpful members of this site. From this site I had learn a lot. I just do all previous CBSE NET papers and GATE papers from this site, and go through the comments of each answers and learn many things about the topics which are new for me.. So guysss do ur day u will get ur destination... God bless uhh alll :)
posted Apr 4 in Preparation Experience by Loyal (7,125 points) | 725 views


Congrats bro!!!
Can you please share interview experience and what is the gate cutoff marks for this post?


They conduct their own written exam which comprises non technical(50 marks and technical(126 marks)...after that interview(24 marks)

In interview they ask some general question about uttarakhand g.k, some technical questions and about your stream...if your qualified then they ask about your thesis...

Does they take exam every year?
Congrats and all the best for all your future endeavors !
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