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Some people have been creating fake accounts here for liking their own answers and other mischievous stuffs .By next week all such accounts will be deleted and heavily penalized. If you do it yourself you can escape the penalty.
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what's wrong with that?
It is Q/A site .Proper explanation should be our requirement.It's easy to get 100 of links if you search a topic in you tube .Its easy to get the link but its diificult to get the best explanation(which we expect from GO).Also the attached

video link is making the page long and nothing else.
I don't think that's an issue. Out of the 100 videos of which we may have missed someone could just could make us aware. And what's exactly the problem in the page being big? If you view it on any device other than a mobile phone, I think you can scroll that part off within a second.
@Arjun sir : I would like to add one suggestion.

$\text{There should be some negative penalty  (~5 points ) on downvote as stackexchange site does.}$
Will be taken care of. Within a month most problems here will be solved. Closing this thread now.
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