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Hello Guys,


If anyone has appeared for previous ISRO exams.Please share your experience about the exam pattern.

Also, comment about exam syllabus, what extra should we study for ISRO Written exam(other than GATE)?


Does question from previous year ISRO, GATE exam repeat as it is OR just concept gets repeated?


Which subjects carries more weightage?


Thanks in advance.
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Just practice previous year isro paper

want to know exam pattern  practice...... from GO 

Just practice previous year isro paper

want to know exam pattern 

practice...... from GO 

80 questions. 90 minutes. Do previous year questions of ISRO as well as GATE( focus on easy questions more). In last exam held in December,2017 , around 40-45 questions were copied verbatim from previous GATE or ISRO papers. To be in the safe zone of getting selected, one should be having 50-60 questions correct out of 80.
how many previous year GATE papers you would recommend to be solved :)
As far as December 2017 exam is considered, a lot of questions were from Previous GATE. I'd recommend you do that. Also, try to learn Complexity Classes which is not in GATE. Maths is pretty basic, try to skim through you notes if possible.

As always, definitely do some recent previous papers.

Try to take ACE's ISRO test series, I found it helpful. But, is there really time to complete them before exam?
Practice,Revision  All GATE ,ISRO ,UGC NET ,Thats  Enough  TO Qualifying
And Study Some Notes About Image Processing,Microprocessor Introduction,Assembly Language  ,Computer Graphics

All The Best
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