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Please seniors and others who gone through this exam(such exam), guide us to tackle the exam. Tomorrow is the exam day.
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I have taken this exam twice in '16 and '17, but they were paper based. This one is online, probably for the first time. PGEE has questions similar to GATE level, however some questions are very conceptual and you may never be able to solve it. But don't panic, there's no negative marking.
The aptitude section would consist of large comprehension texts, and very basic aptitude questions.
The subject paper has a lot of c programming questions. So my advice is prepare that well.
I think this time they dont have the cut off for GA section, because otherwise they would explicitly mention it in their homepage. But lets not risk it.

And yes, be careful about multiple choice questions.. Where you need to select all correct options.
IIIT hyderabad will not disclose any marks, and mostly the shortlist procedure will be relative. Some questions would be very ambiguous too.

All the best
Hey, is it true that many GATE questions are repeated as it is?
No, GATE questions are never repeated as is.
Thanks :)

If possible can you suggest any important topics (or topics from which you saw questions) from CN, CO and OS? I think CN and OS were added previous year only and they are pretty huge subjects :/
As far i remember, questions from OS were theoretical (which of the following statements are true/false).
In CN questions were asked from efficiency of protocol and rsa algo.
CO had questions from caches.

You can also expect 5-7 questions from digital logic on Gates and k maps. These questions are easy.
OS also focuses on threading and synchronization.
Thanks! :)
I take my word back about GATE questions not being repeated as is.. :D
Not only GATE, they even gave questions from the sample paper of this year!
Direct questions from sample paper?That's interesting!!!!!
Question 1 and 2 of sample paper section 2 were asked as it is. If I remember correctly they were in section 1 in exam, which means each of them was of 2 marks! They gave 5-10 previous years(not too old) GATE questions as it is.
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