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All the Best to All Candidates of ISRO SC Written Test April 2018 .
Important Tips :
1) Reach at Examination centre before 1 Hour
2) Do carry a water bottle with you (Avoid drinking water in examination hall)
3) If you are not filling answer in Answer Sheet parallely then please fill it after solving every 10-15 Question
4) 80%+ Question would be Conceptual or formula based . There may be some question which require lot of time . Mark themad attempt after solving all easy questions.
5) There is very less chance that you will get time to revise , so accuracy is most important.
6) To be on safe side , try to attempt more than 55 Question (if paper seems easy) .... But no one can predict actual cutoff before exam day.
7) Focus on Speed as you have to solve 80 Question in Just 90 Minute.
8) Read Questions Carefully
9) Read all Options before answering a Question (even if you are seeing correct option - As there may be some options like both of these or all of these)
10) All those who attempted GATE 2018 , You know your mistakes better than anyone else . Please Try your best to "not repeat it" .
"Learn from Your Mistakes"
------ All the Best -----
#Update (23 April 2018)
ISRO SC Written Test has been over and Overall it was of moderate level and Better as well as tougher than Dec 2018 . (cutoff may be around 120 or less)
Those who are getting good marks in ISRO/IIITH or secured good rank in GATE 2018, you can stop reading here and Congrats,All the Best for Better Future.
For All those who didn't perform well this year :
Here I want to give you example of two People like me and you -  Habib & Kishalya Das .
Kishalya Das : Read this :
In this you will know about importance of Hard Work , Perseverence and self belief.

Habib : I think most of you know about him . But let me tell you that from the first day when i interacted with him , i always think that he will Get in Top 10 but luck was not his side till 2017 (Still in 2018 for GATE) ... He Work hard for 3 Year (drop for 2 Year) with one Believe that - "He deserve Better" and "he can do it" . He always preferred knowledge over Rank because no exam in world can test a person skills in 3 hour. Finally (in March 2018) he got his dream job as "ISRO SC Scientist"

Overall , I want to say that - If you were unable to perform well this year and you believe that 'you deserve better' then don't loose hope . Hard work always Pays off. Sometimes you just need to wait and keep Trying .
Remember this :
1.”In conflict between heart and mind—always follow your heart”——–Swami Vivekananda
2.”If you don’t do it nothing is possible. If you do it, at least you have a hope that there’s a chance “—Jack Ma
3.”20 years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the one’s you did do…..”—-Mark Twain
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