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How was the exam ?
posted Apr 22 in Preparation Experience by Junior (751 points) | 2,607 views


In my opinion it was definitely different from previous ones.
ISRO is raising the bar each time! Nice set of questions.
Expected cut off ?
A lot of questions repeated from the previous years' GATE/ISRO, but i really struggled with the rest.
beautiful questions.i attempte 60 question.
It Completely Different From Previous  in this ISRO Main Focused On Programing

some Direct Questions From UGC NET Any Way ISRO Coming To Their Own Questions  in this ISRO Decreased the Copy and Paste  Question Trying To Change That Questions


Iam Attempted 40
Any chance at 135 marks?
last year 127 was the cut off so you have a chance.
I believe  it can go lower than 127 this time, considering that there are more number number of seats this time. Also, not ignoring the exam was a slightly tougher than last year.
Thanks for the replies. 1. 127 for how many seats? This is my first attempt. Exam was tough. I saw past papers. 2. When would the official key and the results come? 3. I was reading that the cutoff was 138 for 50 seats. Is that correct?
1. Last year there were 7 seats, but paper was comparatively tougher than the previous one. Hence, the cut off was around 127. But these year we have 29 seats.

2. Official keys will out in 3 working days.

3. 138 for 50. In my opinion its quite childish of us to predict what we'll have this year from the previous years' data. Because there are several parameters that come into consideration : number of aspirants, level of exam, and many more. Although, my money is on below 135. Fingers crossed. :P

Hope that helps.
Thanks a lot. That was really helpful.
138 for 50 -> exam was easy that time. But cant predict anything just keep your hopes high.
Thx. I don't think Isro is encouraging analytical ability with yesterday's exam. Anybody who had solved previous gate,Isro papers was at advantage coz few questions were repeated. This should not be the case.
Dont worry bro, ISRO definitely checks everything you have on offer before taking you. As for their agenda, only they know why in the world they HAVE to conduct a special exam other than GATE to select candidates. May be they are looking for something else in their candidates, something more. I know for a fact that they generally give utmost importance to your academia (even 10,12 and BTech scores). You can show those as the first hand proof of your discipline (which they definitely look at). If you are well off in that department, you are about 50 to 60 percent off for the interview. Rest you have to show in the interview. Take these with a grain of salt if you may.
paper was not that tough, kind of similar to december 17 last year. last time cutoff was 127, this time it will be also around that range for sure. 130+ will be safe score I guess.
exactly same feeling and same no of questions attempted :-P
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