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Can anyone please list out pros and cons of both colleges. Is there anyone who has studied for Civil Service Exams(UPSC) while pursuing M.Tech. Do we get the free time while doing M.Tech for such exams?
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You cannot. Please do not waste an IIT seat.
exactly! please do not waste an IIT seat.
why r u going to IIT if u want to prepare of UPSC exams??
you can't find time.. when you are doing MTech in IITH or NITW for UPSC preparation.
I never found any person successfully doing it.
I found few people cracking GATE again while doing masters in NIT's ( as there is not much effort needed once you have all the concepts in your mind, they just need to practice enough)
For UPSC you can't make any progress if you are doing MTech in IITH or NITW.

When IT comes to UPSC preparation after MTech.
Yes you can do it..
I saw many examples
for example : One of My college Sir has done MTech from IITB( he left amazon job ) but now he is preparing for UPSC along with his teaching job.
#My suggestion ::
Drop your idea of preparing for UPSC while doing MTech  or Stop  joining for MTech
Awdesh Sir has done it while he was in IITD for Mtech. He was selected for IRS. But this was long time back. Now, he took VRS and writes books/quora. In one of his answers though, he has mentioned how he has done it. Search it on Quora.

So, has someone cleared UPSC while MTech in IIT? Yes, but it took a lot of hard work and time management.

PS. Don't ruin someone else's future by taking a seat in top colleges (IIT/NIT). Take admission in local college if you want stipend for support and then prepare. Otherwise there are high chances that you won't be able to focus on neither UPSC nor IIT/NIT.
If u starting from zero, it will be difficult. If u already prepared earlier for it, a lot will depend upon ur time management.
simple answer : If you want to do it then DO IT.
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