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Booking count

Pre-booking has started for GO_book_2019. Book will be send on first come first served basis. Since we are using offset printing, the book production cost is dependent on the number of books. So, initially the book cost is Rs. 1100 + 200 shipping which might be increased later. Softcopy of 2018 version can be downloaded from

Change log

  1. Images redrawn
  2. Contents better formatted
  3. B/W theme specifically for printing
  4. Unwanted duplicate answers removed
  5. QR codes added for question links and other reference links - you can scan and go to the respective page
  6. 2018 questions answered
  7. Printing quality enhanced using Offset printing and Art paper being used (like in DBMS Korth book)
  8. Cost including shipping is lower than photocopy cost 
  9. Even though content remains same as softcopy the books are formatted for better printing.

Book is expected to be reaching your hands by June end. 

Amount : Rs. 1300


The softcopy will be available around 2 weeks from the time hardcopy is done. i.e., around July 10. 
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yes, by next week beginning you should get the address confirmation mail. Books should be dispatched by beginning of the last week of June.
is go book still available for delivery can i pay now?
Arjun sir ,I did my payment today when can I expect the hardcopy?
Those who pay till today - June 17 can expect the book by June end.
@Arjun sir

Address Confirmation mail not received till now?
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