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#Edit: Available in Flipkart also

Update: Once booked you can get the Tracking email in 1-3 days maximum.

Binding issue is fixed and all books are now stitched and perfect binded. Also, books are wrapped in bubble wrap and plastic cover to avoid any water issue. IndiaPost delivery is delayed to some places especially Delhi and Hyderabad and those people who want the book fast can order via Amazon (link given at end)

Booking count

Softcopy of 2018 version can be downloaded from

Change log

  1. Totally $1006+1091+1128 = 3225$ questions across $3$ books
  2. Subjectwise and topic wise organized and inside each topic questions are sorted yearwise
  3. Images redrawn
  4. Contents better formatted, TOC with page numbering
  5. B/W theme specifically for printing
  6. Unwanted duplicate answers removed
  7. QR codes added for question links and other reference links - you can scan and go to the respective page
  8. GATE 2018 and few other standard exam questions added
  9. Printing quality enhanced using Offset printing and glossy art paper being used (like in DBMS Korth book)
  10. Cost including shipping is lower than photocopy cost 
  11. Even though content remains same as softcopy the books are formatted for better printing.

Amount : Rs. 1300 including shipping for 3 books containing 3225 previous year questions with solutions

Books shipped via IndiaPost 
You can expect the tracking details in 1-3 days from purchase date. Usually we ship the next day but IndiaPost does not work on Sundays and other holidays.
Expected delivery time is 7 days but it can be even in 3-4 days in Kerala/TN and sometimes 10-12 days if your Post Office is busy. You can see the previous delivery times to various post offices here. Also IndiaPost tracking is incomplete- only once in a few days they update the tracking details. If you can contact your post office or if your postman is good, you can get the books faster. 

Delivery is by Amazon prime and shipping starts from Bangalore. Amazon provides COD option. Also they ship on Sundays and other holidays. 

For softcopy please see
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It's out of stock in Amazon. Will take a week to stock.

There is just one book available in Flipkart now. More will be added in 4-5 days.

I have orderd it on 14 september 2018. Still i haven't received the tracking details.
you got the books rt?
I have ordered books from Amazon on 6th October,2018. Still not delivered...
I have no control over Amazon fulfilled orders. But I see nothing being pending on October 6. What's your order ID?
that's my order ID: 404-8249181-2380354
FedEx delivery is shown and as per that it is out for final delivery. FedEx ID 459679623721
Yes you are right, it's showing this status from past 2 days but still not delivered...don't know why..
You may contact FedEx local delivery office. It might be due to Navratri
Hello @Arjun, I got books now...thanks for your support.
Nice 2 know. You are welcome. -:)
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