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For GO Book 2020


#Edit: Stock finished  

Update: Once booked you can get the Tracking email in 1-3 days maximum.

Binding issue is fixed and all books are now stitched and perfect binded. Also, books are wrapped in bubble wrap and plastic cover to avoid any water issue. 

Booking count

Softcopy of 2018 version can be downloaded from

Change log

  1. Totally $1006+1091+1128 = 3225$ questions across $3$ books
  2. Subjectwise and topic wise organized and inside each topic questions are sorted yearwise
  3. Images redrawn
  4. Contents better formatted, TOC with page numbering
  5. B/W theme specifically for printing
  6. Unwanted duplicate answers removed
  7. QR codes added for question links and other reference links - you can scan and go to the respective page
  8. GATE 2018 and few other standard exam questions added
  9. Printing quality enhanced using Offset printing and glossy art paper being used (like in DBMS Korth book)
  10. Cost including shipping is lower than photocopy cost 
  11. Even though content remains same as softcopy the books are formatted for better printing.

Amount : Rs. 1000 including  Rs. 200 shipping for 3 books containing 3225 previous year questions with solutions

Books shipped via IndiaPost 
You can expect the tracking details in 1-3 days from purchase date. Usually we ship the next day but IndiaPost does not work on Sundays and other holidays.
Expected delivery time is 7 days but it can be even in 3-4 days in Kerala/TN and sometimes 10-12 days if your Post Office is busy. You can see the previous delivery times to various post offices here.though currently they are doing delivery faster.

Delivery is by Amazon prime and shipping starts from Bangalore. Amazon provides COD option. Also they ship on Sundays and other holidays. 

For softcopy please see
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Sir we have to pay right now?
Yes. We need money to print the books. That's why giving Rs. 150 less for initial orders.
Okk sir
is it Rs 1250 or 1250 + 200?
ok, Sir
Sir, in case if the book is not printed or I don't get the book if all the books run out, will I get my money back?
For all those who preorders book is a guarantee because most formalities are completed. If by some disaster book is not printed, money will be refunded.
And Sir, I am currently residing in Allahabad, UP. But I will move to Agartala, Tripura on 15th June. Sir please confirm that the books will not be sent before 15th June because I won't be able to recieve the books before 15th June due to my transfer. Thanks.
Okay Sir.
The google response you may edit anytime. And before sending, we'll send a confirmation email.
Okay. Thanks Sir.
After sending the money and filling the Google form, will we get the confirmation mail/SMS about the fund transferred to the respective account is successful or not?
Arjun Sir my teacher wants this book for reference purposes. You said before that the teachers will be getting the GO Book free of cost. So can you tell me about this.
Arjun Sir, i have transferred money using bhim app in your UPI address but the app is showing PENDING status.Can you please verify that you have received it with transaction id 813421386908.
I hope everyone got confirmation emails. The current count is also shown. 300 will be the first set of delivery. And the sample copies to teachers will be given only after first set of delivery.

New Book is yet to be released once its released you will find the PDF copy there.
Yes. New PDF is not yet made. It’ll be made after hard copy is made as the version for hard copy will be having black and white theme unlike other.
please some body help me , how to do payment ?

What problem are you facing?
ok thanks for reply. I have to transfer in this account  20007673390  using IMPS/NEFT. what next i have to do ?

I have SBI account. please let me know.
Js go sbi online, choose quick transfer fill all the information regarding account,pay 1250 then take transaction id  from there and fill in the GO  form.
Yes, Sunil follow the procedure mentioned by Prateek.




Not working

Getting following error everytime:


This site can’t be reached

The connection was reset.







That is google form link. You may try this


when the soft copy for gateoverflow book 2018 is going to be released?

i will take it's printout.

can i get expected timeline because i really need to take printed book...!!!

@Arjun sir
Hi Sir,

I would like to inform you that I have made a payment for GO HARDCOPY of Rs 1250/-.on Thursday dated May 24,2018. Please let me know if you have received payment regarding GO HARDCOPY or not.


Mohit Singh

You will receive payment confirmation mail within 24hrs.
@ajaysoni1924 GO soft copy will be release in  coming few days as per description ,js calm down wait few more days and it will be beneficial to all of us .
Will the soft copy of Go for gate 2019 be available for downloading?
Now online payment is available. Softcopy will be available as last year but this time for printing we will be using a slightly different printer friendly version.
Then when will the soft copy for gate 2019 be available for downloading?
By June end.
@Arjun Sir, I had preordered the book on 15th May. I want to change my shipping address. How should I edit my form?
You should have got email from the google form rt? Clicking on it should allow you to edit the response. If this does not work also, before books are dispatched you will get an email for address confirmation and then you can mail back the new address.
Sir I didn't receive any links in the confirmation mail. I will mail the new address at the time of dispatch. Thank you Sir.
Sure. The link was not with the confirmation mail but while filling the google form which is now not active. Current users can correct the address during book dispatch time in another 2 weeks.
@Arjun sir,

  I did payment for GO hard copy.. but i didn't get any confirmation mail from you.
If it is by PayU then there is no confirmation by me - they'll be sending you the conformation.
I did via payU. I got confirmation from payU. but I thought that "i will get confirmation from GO".

Thanks Arjun sir
Nopes. That's auto confirmed by PayU. Before book is dispatched, you'll get address confirmation email.
Can I pay now..?
Yes, it is open

@Arjun Sir

Hello Sir

I did payment yesterday.

How long will the book get (Which date book will reach to my address)?

That is mentioned in the post - before June end. First set of book is going to be printed this week. There are a lot of changes compared to last time, which are added to the change log.

Hello Arjun Sir

2018 Question are not include this website So Given the Link of Softcopy 2018 Question Must be added . 

In this link - showing the older version of GO PDF

Arjun Sir, When can we expect the address confirmation mail to come? Will we get the books by June?
yes, by next week beginning you should get the address confirmation mail. Books should be dispatched by beginning of the last week of June.
is go book still available for delivery can i pay now?
Arjun sir ,I did my payment today when can I expect the hardcopy?
Those who pay till today - June 17 can expect the book by June end.
@Arjun sir

Address Confirmation mail not received till now?
Arjun sir , when we will be getting the confirmation address mail?
Arjun Sir, We still haven't got any mail regarding address confirmation. When can we expect the books be delivered?? I have paid in first week of June in lieu of getting the books by July. Will it be delayed?
Arjun sir ,I did my payment today when can I expect the delivery of hardcopy?
Arjun sir,when I will receive the confirmation mail and the soft copy???
Next week everyone should get the address confirmation email and shipping date is next Saturday or the Monday after that. A lot of changes happened in the book and that is why the book got delayed by a week. Many people have been working day and night to make the book as perfect as possible - you can see the result :)

Softcopy will take 7-10 days after the hardcopy is shipped because we have to remake everything for the softcopy - it is colored and and links are clickable unlike the hardcopy.

250 books are being shipped in the first set. I guess current order number is about 200. All who ordered early have helped us immensely in improving the book as much as possible and hence will soon (within 1 week of book delivery) get a unique code in the email which they can use around October-November in this site - most probably for getting a PDF of additional practice questions.
Thank you so much sir
Thank you sir
@Arjun Sir Can I pay money today(25 june 2018)  or tomorrow (26 june 2018 ) ??
yes, the book will be available. But the first set being shipped early next week will be for first 250 orders.
Arjun sir, is  GO Hard copy only contain questions?. or it contain any topic introduction before the  questions?
Arjun sir,still I didn't receive any address confirmation mail ,I want to change the shipping address I gave  ... Please help
@Arjun Suresh sir, i also didn't get any address confirmation mail on ([email protected]) mail id.
Yes sir @Arjun Suresh , haven't got any confirmation message or mail yet
@Arjun Sir, I have'nt got any address confirmation mail. I want to change my shipping address.
Is there anyone who ordered before June 29 and not received any confirmation email? Those ordered on or after June 29 will receive by Thursday.
Where can I find the PDF of 2019 edition?
arjun sir, if i order the notes today....  when i will get the notes?
sir if i order the book today,how long will it take for me to get delivered?
I have ordered the  book but i am not getting any confirmation

Your payment(Id-199134453) of Rs 1300.0 for Arjun Suresh is successful.

I have not received any other confirmation please help asap arjun sir
I have ordered the  book but i am not getting any confirmation

My transaction with Arjun Suresh on 2018-06-22 is successful.
Dear Buyer
Thank you for paying with PayUmoney. Your Payment has been successfully processed.
Merchant Name: Arjun Suresh            Order Amount:    Rs 1300.00       
Payment ID: 196889387
Merchant Order ID: 446551-196889387

I have not received any other confirmation please help asap arjun sir
Hi, @Arjun Suresh, Whats the status on shipment of books, i guess books were supposed to be shipped last Wednesday according to one of your comment.
Tracking details are sent for everyone who ordered till July 5.

For those ordering now, books will be dispatched in maximum a week time. PayU confirmation email is the only mail you will be receiving.
I received my GO hardcopy today and I have to say the amount of work put in is really commendable, page quality is awesome and really loved the QR codes feature, binding could have been better and in some pages the QR codes got smudged but no issues, the shortened URL is given so just type in directly, books are worth the delay faced, better order book than taking printout of soft copy, really appreciate the work done and selfless efforts takan by the team in providing such high quality material in such low price where all the other institutions are charging hefty price for substandard material.

PS: Books are received in Chennai so don't worry guys you will get yours.
Arjun sir, i ordered hard copy of gobook 2019 on 11july18.I received transaction successful msg from payUmoney.But But i didnt receive order confirmation msg or tracking details for my order. Kindly provide me the solution. Thanks
read previous comments.
Thanks Vinay. Yes, some pages in Vol 1 had the smudging problem - I guess it is only for less than 10 pages.

@Uma Books are sent today, so you'll get tracking email today or tomorrow. There is no separate confirmation email.
@Arjun sir please tell when will i get tracking details, i have ordered go hardcopy on 6th july 18
Thanks Arjun sir
Hello @Arjun sir

Thank you so much, sir

Today I Received my order.
Hello Arjun Sir and GateOverflow Team,

I have just received the GO Hardcopy, I must say Gateoverflow team members and Arjun Sir have made great efforts. It's really selfless efforts by a team.

The Go hardcopy quality is really amazing.

Thanks for all seniors who have worked really hard to give great answers and Arjun sir for providing the best platform.
Please reply @ARJUN SIR
Hello Arjun Sir,
I just received my GO Hardcopies.

All those precious hours you and other community members have invested
is reflected in the quality of the books.

The efforts and hardwork of the entire community is really commendable.
Thanks to the entire GO community.
And what about those who have not received tracking details. I have msg on go several times but noone respond to my message
I have orderd my books on 6th july and the status of my book i dont know.
Please reply when will you send tracking details @Arjun sir
hello sir i  made payment  yesterday but did not recieved any confirmation mail .....and when will  get  book payment id : 200067319

merchant id:446551-200067319
Once payment is done, Payu sends a confirmation mail rt? Thats the only confirmation mail. All books ordered till this Tuesday are sent and tracking details also mailed. Those ordered after that will be sent next Tuesday and Tracking mail on Wednesday.
Why is the soft copy version not being released till now? So that people will eventually buy the hardcopy which costs too much? This cheap business tactic to force people to buy the hardcopy is an insult to all the contributing members.

I am so disappointed it's July and they just don't care they want to become rich by this .WOW
@Ankit Is it? Then please make the hardcopy at any lower cost. And all contributions are in the site. I'm not going to make the softcopy - do whatever you want.
@Ankit if you don't know the behind the scenes of the book making, then please don't make an ignorant comment like this. A lot of people have worked day and night to make this book incredible. If you don't want to buy, then don't. It's up to you. But don't belittle such respected and awesome people. If you are getting something for free that is so good (perhaps the best in the market) then be grateful and humble. And be patient. Great things take time to come. Our parents had to work hard and wait for 22-23 yrs to give us all the facilities and for us to grow up and be awesome. Learn to be humble and try to give respect. That's all. Have a good day.
Sir also tracking my order since 8th of july but after that there is no update on order. i also complained this to indiapost via twitter. @Arjun Sir, any idea how much time does it take to delivered.

Tracking number CL010122383IN
@neetesh it's normal. All initial packages went as registered parcel and hence it takes a week to reach north India from TVM. Maximum by Monday you should get .I don't think they even see Twitter - they weren't ready to use Spreadsheet but use Excel.
@Arjun sir

I send complained on Twitter, they replied at that time, after that yesterday I got my Books.
Oh .what reply they gave? I'll also do :)
@Ankit-You can start to work with 2018 GO PDF. After you complete it, revise all subjects and then attempt GATE18 paper as a mock test. That would give you a real feel how would you perform in a test, set by an IIT, for an IIT. :)
I just received my GO Hardcopies. Believe me, guys I can't believe that such an amazing book with great page quality is possible in just 1300 rupees. I  think its a gift from Arjun Suresh sir and Gateoverflow team for Gate 2019 aspirant.
Thank you Arjun Suresh sir and Gateoverflow team.
The books are totally worth it. It is the best book I have ever seen for Gate prep. Great work. Really helpful.
@Ankit21   I even didn't buy the hardcopy of GO book and waiting for the softcopy but I know how much effort Arjun sir and his team are doing to make everything best.If Arjun sir wanted to earn from this book then he would have easily done it but his selfless service is really commendable.So have some patience or you can go for other resources which u think will be good for you. As far as i know, no other coaching institute or website can provide such a quality material which we get here.
Arjun Suresh Sir this is my consignment no.CL014669719IN
Sir actually consignment delevered on Ghaziabad cso on 12/07/2018 and in tracking details are sowing that item bagged to Ghaziabad city.
And they are saying to me that  address is only
VIJAY NAGAR BYPASS only.they are saying there is no reciever phone number in your consignment so unable to delivered it.they return it..
But sir my actual address is which are confermed by me in your confirmation mail is
Ph: 8076303251
Sir please do something.i am waiting for long time to receive my consignment.
I have just received the go hardcopy.
Thanks @Arjun sir

@Mohit The full address was definitely on the packet. Also, if delivery cannot be done, item should be in your Post Office for at least 3-4 days and only after that they can sent it back. So, please contact your post office and if they say they have sent it back, ask them why the update is not shown on site. I guess the postman is just sick of carrying 4kg. I have made a tweet here:

@Naveen You are welcome
Thanks arjun suresh sir

Yesterday i was at Ghaziabad postoffice.they told me to come tomorrow.they were saying that they bagged into return bag but they have not return it. I will get my consignment at 10:30 am at Ghaziabad  postoffice today.i wish that i will get.

This is possible becouse i complained yesterday morning otherwise postmaster was saying  that they returned it.they took action after my complained on
Sir i got my go hardcopy.

Thank you so much sir for your efforts to make this wonderful book.

I guess the postman is just sick of carrying 4kg. Full Address is on the registered parcel anly ph number is not visible properly.

But finally i got.
okay :) Nice to know that.
Sir I received go book yesterday.

Thank you so much sir.
You are welcome :)
Everyone knows who is getting books ,how much hard work is done for provide such quality material.paper quality ,binding everything in book is js awsome.what a worthy books !! Thank u so much sir is not enough to thanks to everyone making such a great book .thank you Arjun sir.
Hi Arjun,
Below are my payment details, made on 14th July.
Merchant Name: Arjun Suresh             Order Amount:     Rs 1300.00        
Payment ID: 200200668
Merchant Order ID: 446551-200200668
But yet not get any update about it's shipping status. Can you please provide the same, so that i can track my order.
sir hw to buy these go 2019 hardcopy i need it urgently.
just read the post once you will get know to how to buy it or just click on the button "Buy Now With PayUmoney"
wnnevr i click on payumoney itz not redirecting me on next page. is there any alternate way.
sir I have paid for the GO book 2019 hardcopy on 12th of july still haven't got tracking details please help @Arjun Sir

Arjun sir Good Morning,

i didn't get the books not even the tracking details through mail.Its been 7 Days since i ordered the books.(12/07/2018)

Payment ID : 200012199

Order ID : 446551-200012199

Email ID : [email protected]

Please look into the matter, I m eagerly waiting for the books.(i expect that i'll receive the books in good condition)

Hi, In last week no books have been sent as books are being stitched now and also packaging will be full proof with bubble wrap and plastic cover. So, there should not be any damage now and books will be sent in 2 days.
Thanks for the reply!
@Arjun sir, I have not received my GO book due to the carelessness of Indian post. I think they will return my article without delivering it. In that case, do I need to again purchase it? please help sir. what should I do?
What happened? Whats your tracking ID?
@Arjun Sir my Consignment Number: CL014671010IN is this. Without delivering my article Indian Post updated the status that door is locked. I think they will return my post. What should I do in that case?
So much problems are being faced by all the members.e

earnthrough hard copy? I understand .

but why is the soft copy not being released? If u want to earn then charge a price for the PDF too ? I am sure everyone will pay, just give us the softcopy. charge some money

For those who knows only about 'earning'


Nice to see your plenty of contributions here. Since you have enough money you can donate here. 

Please update the GO book for 2018

@Arjun sir, i haven't got my consignment. the last update was 15/07/19 on CL010122383IN no. which is showing that the bag is despatched for delhi cantt but the actual address is for indore. i communicate with delhi post office and they told me that the parcel is despatched for delhi cantt not for indore.

What should i do now? please help sir.


Just ordered today
@Neetesh I think it was a mistake by IndiaPost. Will send you another one tomorrow.
Ok @Arjun sir. address will same as i mentioned previously.

6e gurudwara wali gali santnagar, khandwa naka, indore(Madhya pradesh). pincode- 452001

phone no- 8878304060


Thank you sir!

@Arjun Sir, My GO Book is returned back to THIRUVANANTHAPURAM by India Post.

Consignment Number: CL014671010IN

what should I do now? Do I need to send my address again?

Please help sir. 



Oh. You weren't contacted? Anyway I'll send again tomorrow.
@Arjun sir, please send the book to this address

B -10 Ground Floor Shakarpur Main market Laxmi Nagar, 110092

Landmark - Gupta Hardware Shop

New Delhi
Will be sent by tomorrow.
What about my order sir, when will it be shipped??
Today. You should get tracking mail by tomorrow.
Glad to know that..

Sir When will I get confirmation mail?

Payment ID: 201207462

Merchant Order ID: 446551-201207462


Sir, I had order the book on 15 july, still i did not get the tracking mail?

Payment ID: 200367550
Merchant Order ID: 446551-200367550
Sir, I had order the book on 14 july, still i did not get the tracking mail?
Merchant Name: Arjun Suresh             Order Amount:     Rs 1300.00         
Payment ID: 200200668
Merchant Order ID: 446551-200200668
Last week there was no shipment due to rebinding of books. I'm waiting for tracking details from India post - will mail once I receive it.  They were supposed to give me yesterday, today also I have asked twice.  

Books are stopped for new orders now.
@Arjun sir, i ordered the book on 28 may. but i didn't received books due to mistake by indiapost. But you said, you will send another one tomorrow. But yet i haven't received tracking details. Sir, if you can do so please send me tracking details.

@Arjun sir when I will get tracking mail from you?  [email protected]
I think everyone would have received the tracking email by now. Some 15 tracking emails will be sent by tomorrow only (mostly to New Delhi) as they are going by flight.
Yes! i got it yesterday..
@arjun sir,

I got confirmation mail from payUmoney but why on booking count is not increased till now, because when I booked then it also 304 and now after payment it is also showing 304.
Dont worry. That is because we were doing some code changes. Your booking is confirmed and books will be shipped in 2 days.
@Arjun sir,

I have placed an order on 23/7 15:19 and got a confirmation mail from PayU money. It was showing the booking count at that time as 300. I did not get any tracking link yet. Is my booking confirmed? My email: [email protected]
@Basant Dont worry, it is confirmed. Bookings from 23-25 have been given to Indiapost. You should get tracking email latest by tomorrow.
@arjun sir

i placed an order today . what are the books included and when can i expect to receive.
@Arjun sir, what about my consignment. when i'll get tracking details.
@Suhail Will be dispatched tomorrow only.

@Neetesh Sorry, I missed it. Will send tomorrow.
@Arjun sir, i got the tracking details.

Thank you!
@Arjun sir,

The status for my consignment  number CL012020696IN says that the bag is dispatched to trivandrum. Is it returned back to you sir?
@Basant Nopes, thats a typo on their part as that update is on same day and is present for every parcel on that day. Parcel should be reaching your PO within 2 working days.
3 days is pretty normal. To reach Patna, 6-7 days is the norm as each transit point takes 1-2 days.
sir, i ordered GO books on Saturday when can i expect it to be delivered or it's tracking details.

@Arjun sir,

I placed the order on 21st July and the book has been despatched to PH SAHARANPUR according to the tracking details on the Indian Post website. However I provided the shipping address of HARIDWAR. The details are as follows:

Payment ID: 201151256

Merchant Order ID: 446551-201151256

Consignment Number: CL014672810IN.

Are the answers present in go_book verified by Arjun sir?

@Ajay You should be getting the tracking email tomorrow night.

@Aarvi The destination pincode is correct, probably it is taking a transit route. It should take 3-4 more days to reach your PO.

@cynicthnkr Almost all - not verified but also formatted. But even my answers are verified by others and you can see all the corrections made for GATE questions here:

As of now it is 99% accurate like the GATE keys we provide but will still update anything wrong on the above link.

@Arjun sir.

Thanks a lot sir.
@arjun sir,there is delivery charge on amazon i.e 1300+275. What if we order here? what difference does it make?
No difference.

Hi Arjun sir,
Below are my payment details, made on 1st August.
Merchant Name: Arjun Suresh             Order Amount:     Rs 1300.00         
Payment ID: 202458759
Merchant Order ID: 446551-202458759

Sir, it would be quite kind of you if u can acknowledge the confirmation of order  and plz provide me with the tracking details.

Sir when i will get my go hardcopy i ordered it on 28th of june.
@Janeb the PayU mail you got is the confirmation. Books will be sent in 2 days.

@Elakashi Didn't you get tracking email?
Arjun sir,

I ordered the book on 26 july and now in tracking details it is showing that the book has dispatched back to Thiruvananthapuram after coming to Ranchi.

My consignment number is CL012889836IN

Payment ID- 201788174
No, thats same time update - technical error, books are on the way to you only. It is how software systems in government department works.

@Arjun Sir, I have not received my order till now. 

My Consignment Number: CL017619155IN.

There is no update on India post website. what should I do now?

Please help sir.

@Agrima please let me know if you don't get any update on 2 days. 7-8 days is normal in many cases.
Got the books. Thank you to all those who have contributed for these books. I hope i'll be able to repay by contributing to next versions after Gate 2019. :)

Thank you @Arjun sir.
Finally after much waiting got the books. Everything is perfect with this book. Thank you all the contributors for such a awesome book.

Thank you so much @Arjun sir.
Nice to know. You are welcome :)
i received my GO books today.

Thank you so much @arjun sir for such wonderful books....!!!
Your hard work can be seen in these books and on gate overflow.
@Arjun sir

Sir I want to buy go 2019 hardcopy how much i need to pay. Can I pay through paytm. Is there any more updates coming on go pdf in august or it is already upgraded?
i received my GO books today. (reached in 7 days at indore :) )

Thank you so much @arjun sir for such awesome books....!!!
really impressed with quality on printing .much better than local photo copy.
Nice to know that :) You are welcome  :-)

@arjun sir. I have booked the copy on 8 August and on the tracking portal Its is not updating or it is being sent back to PH THIRUVANANTHAPURAM. can you see if its okay or do I need to do something, please?


That is normal. I dont know how it happens, but it is the same for many people. Packet should be reaching Delhi by Monday I guess.
Sir I have just placed an order. Please send the hardcopy ASAP. Many thanks.
@Arjun sir

Sir I want to buy go 2019 hardcopy how much i need to pay? Can I pay through paytm. Are there any more updates coming on go pdf in august or it is already upgraded?
I had also order on 8th. Got it today. But tracking details still not updated in Postal India site :)
@Ravi Payment details are already given on the post rt? The current PDF is of last year, will be updated for this year.
Sir i want to place an order just now,  will  i get the book ?  kindly reply as soon as possible
yes, you will.

I have placed my order on 11th August 18(yesterday) @ 7:18 am. When should I excpect the tracking details to be shared with me? 

Sunday is IndiaPost holiday (Amazon works) so you will get tracking by tomorrow only.
I had paid in 12th August, 2018. But did not get the tracking details.Payment ID: 203939566.
I still haven't got consignment tracking number, please confirm when I'll get that, I had ordered on 11th August Saturday.
All of you got tracking details rt? Yesterday there was no posting from IndiaPost so all orders were dispatched only by today.

Thank you so much Arjun Sir!

The Hardcopy I received Today almost in 8 days.

All the things are excellent.  Quality of pages is so awesome. 

Suggestion: Quality of pages can be reduced so that it will be less costly so all people can buy. 

Sir i want to place an order just now,  will  i get the book ?  Please Reply ASAP.
I was given the consignment number, but it is still not updated in IndiaPost website. Should I be worried or I should assume this that Sarkari Kaam which never happens correctly?
India post don't update the tracking details. No need to worry. In my case the books got delivered but tracking details shows that it's in Trivandrum.
Yes, their tracking system is incomplete. Meanwhile no books will be shipped for next 2 days as both road/rail services are stopped in Kerala due to flooding.
Sir i am placing order for gate overflew book 2019 now  kindly reserve one copy for me
Sir i have placed the order  Details are  PAYMENT ID 204524061  FOR ARJUN SURESH IS SUCCESSFUL
Books are there but don't think any will leave from here in next 2-3 days. Even Amazon has stopped taking shipment from Kerala for now.
gate overflow books are awesome; every one should order this  book because reading from pdf online is  not as easy as so called intellectual persons thinks   taking printout of pages sitting all time on computer is worst ; so go for books

Sir I have ordered GO PDF on 16 Aug 2018 still not got consignment number

My transaction with Arjun Suresh on 16-Aug-2018 is successful.
Dear Buyer
Thank you for paying with PayUmoney. Your Payment has been successfully processed.
Merchant Name: Arjun Suresh            Order Amount:    Rs 1300.00        
Payment ID: 204448020
Merchant Order ID: 446551-204448020

@Arjun Sir Please reply to my order. Order details mentioned in previous comment
You should have received the email today morning rt? Due to flood situation there was no shipping last week.
Thanks I got the email. Yes I got the email today and I know that there was no shipping last week just was worried bcoz my order wasn't started. Thanks for the reply and looking forward to receive this amazing priceless books.
Here is my tracking details CL012890587IN, please check it again if you have given me right tracking i'd as it hasn't been updated in Indian Post website and it has been 9 days since you gave me tracking i'd.
@Jaisyking I'm sorry but that is how IndiaPost tracking works. Sometimes it doesnt update even after delivery. Since the tracking IDs are copy pasted - there cannot be an error - but tracking ids for some dates like yours simply wont work. I have informed to IndiaPost - waiting for reply.
Now the tracking is working. Most of the books have reached destibadestpost office. Even though Indiapost software system is bad, work wise they are really good.
@Arjun sir,I paid for the books yesterday.

My payment id-205193154.

By when can I expect the tracking details?
I recieved my book yesterday. Here's something I wanna share -

1. Very good packaging. Post delivered in 3 Working days. ( To Madhya Pradesh)

2. Printing quality is very good.

3. Much Thanks to Arjun and GO team.
Consignment Number: CL012890471IN
Sir, When can i expect Delivery ?
It's not updated in IndiaPost Website.
@Arjun sir, I ordered on 14th August and got the tracking details on 16th. But still its showing consignment not found. Should I contact my post office?

Consignment Number- CL012890026IN
You can wait till Tuesday - it should be delivered or updated on website. Else, you can phone your post office.
Sir please give me the address from where the package was dispatched, Indian Post is asking for address of sender as well as of receiver to lodge a complaint.
The address is CGRA 32/2, Anayara PO, Trivandrum 695029. Sending PO is Business Hub Trivandrum.
@Arjun sir everything is fine with vol 1 and vol 3 but vol 2 binding is not up to the mark and the pages are coming out on opening the book. Please have a look at this issue so that next order are not affected by the same. Thank you.
@Tusharp Volume 2 is not stitched? When did you get your order? All books were stitched from July onwards, probably one book was misplaced.
I placed the order on 27-7-2018 and received it on 3rd August. It is poorly stitched.
Can you mail me (arjunsuresh1987 at gmail) a photo? And since pages are coming off, will send you another copy of Vol2. But I need pic to show to the press people.
Sir I'm not able to lodge the complaint as I don't know many of the details to fill so please lodge a complaint on behalf of me, my consigned number is CL012890587IN. I had ordered the books on 11th August.
Dear sir received the books  on 27/08/2018  books ar very good  but , Volume 1 book printing is very dark , but volume 2 and volume 3  books are comparatively less dark or faint as  compared to volume 1;Is it  with all other sets also and common  or especially in my case .Thanking you
Sir, I ordered GO Hardcopy on 24th August, but I've not received any tracking details yet. By when can I expect the details?

Payment ID:- 205426768
@Sandeep yes, vol1 is bit more darker than other 2 as far as black color is concerned. This is same for all.

@Kaustbh You should have got it today rt? It was Onam holidays for some days

Did you complain about my consignment? 

Even you are not responding now just like IndianPost. Please if you can't deliver my consignment refund my money, I'll buy it from Amazon. My consignment no is CL012890587IN. HOPE YOU WILL TAKE THE REQUIRED ACTION ASAP. 

This is your complaint ID

Complaint No.10008758704

Unfortunately with IndiaPost I don't have any control once item is dispatched from here unlike Amazon where I can cancel and refund any time.
Hello Sir; I had ordered GateOverflow book around 14th of august & it hasn't reached me yet. It was supposed to reach by 28 August but it hasn't. I come from a very rural area so I know it's gonna take some time; but I'm unable to track my package for last ten days or so. It's been stuck at "shipment arrived at Amazon facility; Cochin Kerala & haven't been updated; Can you give me any sort of update? I have no problems waiting; I know it's worth it; I just want some sort of assurance that it's on its way & hasn't been cancelled. I don't know if Amazon gives any sort of tracking facilities for it's sellers; but if it does; Please do cross check my request.

I will post my tracking ID once I get someone's response.
You can wait till tomorrow and other wise cancel the order. Being delivered by Amazon, I have no control of the delivery but all orders in the same time was delayed by 7 days due to Kerala floods. Some got delivered and some are pending.
Sir I have paid for the book on 31st August. when will i get tracking detail?
You'll get by tomorrow afternoon. There was some issue with IndiaPost today and they informed me the same.
@jaisyking Did you get the books yet or not? Mine are also not delivered yet. :-(
Arjun sir i have paid for the book on  2 sept , when  i  will get tracking details  till what time i can expect the books to receive ?
You should have got by now.
No, I still am waiting for the book, it has already been 20+ days. It was better if I would have ordered from Amazon :(

Sir is this the latest version of hardcopy(available at amazon) or the previous version ?

Link :

That's the latest and only one on Amazon.


sir, i hope you forget to respond on my post No.of Favorite questions in GO per user

sir,kindly give some response on that query.

It is out of stock, sir please make it available as soon as possible
It's out of stock in Amazon. Will take a week to stock.

There is just one book available in Flipkart now. More will be added in 4-5 days.

I have orderd it on 14 september 2018. Still i haven't received the tracking details.
you got the books rt?
I have ordered books from Amazon on 6th October,2018. Still not delivered...
I have no control over Amazon fulfilled orders. But I see nothing being pending on October 6. What's your order ID?
that's my order ID: 404-8249181-2380354
FedEx delivery is shown and as per that it is out for final delivery. FedEx ID 459679623721
Yes you are right, it's showing this status from past 2 days but still not delivered...don't know why..
You may contact FedEx local delivery office. It might be due to Navratri
Hello @Arjun, I got books now...thanks for your support.
Nice 2 know. You are welcome. -:)
Ordered GoBook on 24th of this month. Received it today with proper packing.

Great work GateOverflow team. Your efforts are sincerely appreciated.

Kudos to all the hardwork put in for this book and this portal entirely.

Thanks!!  :)
i got book now ,the page of this book is very good,thanks you so much arjun suresh sir
You are welcome πŸ‘

If anyone in Bangalore wants to collect the book from me, can do it from Dec 3-14 and avoid the shipping cost. I'll be near Hoodi. Whitefield.
Sir what will be the total amount to be paid if we collect it from you in Bangalore?
how can i access my tracking detail of GO book
You will get tracking email the next day evening if you order before 12:00 midnight or else the day after. This excludes India post holidays.
I have only 2 set of books with me in Whitefield, Bangalore. That you can get for 1000 if collected directly.

I ordered GO book by 6 dec...but still didn't get the tracking id of [email protected] sir


The book was sent yesterday only but IndiaPost haven't forwarded the tracking ID yet. Now they'll send by Monday only - but books must be on the way already.
thankyou sir
I ordered the GO BOOK 6 dec ....but still i didnt get the Tracking id
CL013924707IN rt?

I have made a transfer of 1000 for GO books hardcopy on 31 Dec 18, when I will get that hardcopy.


It should be shipped by today and should reach you in 4-5 days.
Thanks for your response.Let me update once I receive hardcopy.
Sir I made a transaction of Rs. 1000 for GO books hardcopy on 30/12/2018

Payment ID: 223739250

But I haven't received any tracking details since 4 days... Any update on when the books will arrive?
Mail was sent on 31 only. Probably went to spam. Anyway this is your tracking ID CL013734257IN on India post. Should be reaching you this weekend.

I ordered on 5.01.19. I received an email with consignment Id as CL013734305IN. After filling the id on tracking website I got the message consignment details not found.
IndiaPost does have some delay in tracking getting updated and it must have been mentioned in the mail you got rt? And 05-01 is today only.
How to stop getting these updated mails, my inbox is being full of these.
Sir I ordered the book on 05:01:19. But till now the tracking details have also not been updated and already 5 days are over.

Hi Arjun Sir,

Today I received GO Overflow books and thanks for your quick response with the tracking details.

Guys, Once we get the tracking Details then need not to worry about anything and parcel will definitely reach you in good condition as books are packed with care which i received. Sometimes it may be late because of the distance factor.

Thank you Arjun Sir..
Will I receive a copy of GO books if I order it now or the stocks have already finished?
When will be the book is available?
Sorry, the books are out of stock. Since GATE is in 2 weeks they wont be available until for GATE2020. I'm closing this thread so the previous commenters wont get disturbed
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