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Many people have asked me to share my interview experience at IIIT Hyderabad. So I'll just paste what I shared privately with some.


It wasn't the best of interviews :P. But I'll share what they asked
I did. I had work experience, so mentioned about the job and company. My company actually recruits a lot from IIIT hyderabad, so they started asking on my past work etc.

Then the interviewer asked a question, which is my fav algo.? I said merge sort. Naturally, I expected a follow up question to explain merge sort in detail, however they asked why merge sort, a sorting algo?? I got nervous and said I like the divide and conquer paradigm it follows. I also explained the details on how merge sort works. But I just felt they weren't looking for the working. Anyways, they gave me a scenario where I have 1 billions elements, but memory which can hold only 1 million. How would I sort it using merge sort? I explained, but I was perhaps wrong as they didn't seem to be convinced.
As I mentioned I liked divide and conquer paradigm, they asked why do you like it!!(again a question which made no sense to me :P). I truly love D & C, but putting in words was difficult for me. The main reason why I like it is, that it forms a building block for Dynamic Programming, by giving us sub problems. This is what I replied to their question, however their expressions were not at all convincing. I felt embarrassed. Difference between D&C and DP, I explained about unique and overlapping subproblems(didn't affect their expressions!)

They asked about which other subject. I said OS. Now comes the most confusing question, Why does OS and DBMS have their own synchronisation mechanisms, when OS can alone do it and it sits at the bottom of DB? I googled for the same after the interview, couldn't find one anywhere. Although I did answer that OS works at process level for Critical Section, and DB is for concurrency and transaction. They said its not the reason.

Finally they gave me a scenario where I have to design Google Maps :P(this was probably asked as they made us submit SOP during application last year, although this year they havent asked!). So the prof said, you have some nodes where I give you Lat Long pairs, how will you represent the nodes on the map. What if I want to find the shortest path from A to B?

I think I answered it correctly, but the prof again was not convinced. I also mentioned about absence of negative weights as there are distances(can never be neg), so I can use Dijkstras.

Anyway, I just felt, my luck wasn't there!

Some other candidates said they were asked questions from discrete maths with more focus on graph theory.
Proving theorems of bipartite, deriving expression for number of graphs.
They generally dont ask from TOC, even if you mention TOC, they'll just ask basic finite automata, and move on to next.
They also ask some basic protocol questions from Networks.


Result: Not selected!
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Thanku for sharing your experience :)
thnx for the post.

What do you mean by line "Why mergesort,a sorting algo", did they ask why mergesort is a sorting algo @Neelay Upadhyaya

I think they meant, why merge sort, why anything from sorting algorithms!
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