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Respected seniors

I need your precious suggestion , I was the student of one of prime institution of GATE and IES and dedicated one  even my % is also more Than 70%  but still I was not able to crack gate and now I am thinking to full time drop and prepare again but I have a doubt??

I worked hard for gate 2018 but result  was not in my favor

Is it possible to get more than 70 number if I worked hard from now onwards ?

please suggest me should I drop one year and prepare again or tell me what I need to do




Thank you all of you
posted May 19, 2018 in Others
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@VS You had a rank of 1800, hence you did have a hope that you'll get a three digit rank if you attempt it again, but he is way far behind (so am I). Do you still recommend taking a dedicated drop, or having a job in parallel would be wise?
I am seriously noone to suggest anything to anyone.Neither I am suggesting you to take a drop nor him.I am just saying what I did.
See all this depends on you ! We have examples of people like RaviShanker Mishra who topped in GATE CS in-spite the fact he was a mechanical graduate.
See Ajit,let me be very clear with this ,you take anyone that person could guide you or motivate you for like 10 min in 10 days but ultimately its you who have to spend 8 months working hard.Your success belongs to many but your failure only to you.You are a grown up man and you really cannot blame your parents and friends or circumstances for your failure.
Just ask yourself what you want from your life.There are people who prepared with job and have got better ranks than me.If you feel you can do with job ,go ahead !
I just did what made me happy :) You do what makes you happy ,as simple as that.
All the best !
@VS Thanks a ton :)
I just hope you do really well in GATE next year :) Even better than me!
If I do, I'll surely let you know :)