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Hello everyone, I am selected for M.Tech Computer Science in University of Hyderabad through CCMT counselling in round 1. Please let me know if it is worth it to do M.Tech from here. How is the faculty and location? I have also given M.Tech AI in UoH as a higher preference but didn't get it in first round. My gate score is 584. I have already dropped a year after for GATE. Do I have a chance to get M.Tech AI in further rounds?
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I have also got University Of Hyderabad in ccmt 1st round computer science. I want to know.  Is it worth to join this college? I am 1 year dropped after btech.
Have you downloaded your CCMT Registration Form? I cannot find the link after I login into the CCMT website. From where should I download it??
I guess you will easily get Mtech AI in UoH in further rounds. My score was 628, and I got in this particular stream and university and I believe the minimum score is 604 for GM.

However, I too am quite unsure of whether to to whether it is worth as well as whether I will be satisfied. (I am quite interested in ML and have spent a lot of the last year on this.)
Me too. I spent the last few months studying about ML and taking some basic online courses to get a gist of the subject. I really find it intriguing and if UoH is a good university for research in AI then I will definitely join. What about you?
Yes...ML is quite intriguing (enough for me to learn about it even on the day of GATE exam). I have realised though that to work on deep learning (wherein lies most of my intrigue) I'd need a pretty good system/server which unfortunately an ordinary individual (especially in India) cannot really afford.  And as such, if UoH is a university where I can work on deep learning, UoH it is then....
I have some doubts regarding the CCMT Seat Allotment Procedure whose results were declared yesterday. One is regarding the University of Hyderabad only so I thought of asking it here only instead of starting a new post.

(GATE Score: 632)

1. Is only 1 allotment made per each round,i.e., if I clear the cut offs of 2 or more programmes still I will be offered only one programme according to my preferences?(as I got a programme of MNIT, Jaipur only although I cleared cutoff for UoH AI programme also)

2. Do I need to pay the Seat Acceptance Fee even if I wish for better programmes in the next round and what will happen if I don't pay the fee or not able to visit the reporting centre?
1. One offer per round according to your preferences.

2. Yes, you will have to pay the fee else you're out of further rounds. You mention sliding/floating at reporting centre which makes you eligible for your higher preferences.
Can anyone please help with the last year cutoff in university of Hyderabad