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M.Tech. in Computer Technology is offered by Department of Electrical Engineering IIT Delhi.You can check the course structure here.

Since the course offers many Computer Science subjects and even Machine Learning as its major component ,many cs students opt for this course.

Now, coming  to the interview day.We were required to report there at 8:30 am.First our documents were verified and then we were called for the interview one by one.

Since,it is somewhat an interdisciplinary course the interview panel was sort of divided.I think there were 4 professors taking the interviews and they were the ones who taught M.Tech. students there.Out of four,1 professor was majorly asking questions in Electrical and Electronics field,1 was asking System subjects in CS like Operating system and CO & architecture,1 was asking majorly in Machine Learning plus question on the subjects you mention that you have prepared and last one in Data structures and algorithms plus Discrete Maths.

Students in interview mainly came from 4 branches : Electrical,Electronics,Computer Science and Instrumentation.

Now, the interview was conducted in a room where the 4 professors were sitting separately and there was a chair for the candidate to sit.Out of the four we had to appear for the interview to any one of the professors,here I would really like to thank the TAs there ,they were very helpful and were assigning the candidates to the professors ,so they made sure that you get the professor of you area only.

Before the interview each one of us was given a blank sheet of paper in which we were required to write our Name and Application number,this sheet was to be used for doing the work during the interview.

My interview started around 7p.m. and lasted for about 30-35 minutes.I was allotted to Sumit Sir,who was asking questions in Data Structures and Algorithms plus Discrete Maths.Before going for the interview we were even handed over our application form.

As I entered the room ,sir first asked for my Application and gave it a look.He noted the stream I graduated in,my GATE score and year,my B.Tech.percentage and since I graduated last year he asked me what I did the previous year. 

After this he asked the following questions:

PS : He wrote the questions in the rough sheet given to us earlier and we were required to write neatly our solutions there.This sheet was later kept by them.

For each question he gave me sufficient time.

Q1) P&C Consider the numbers {2,4,6,8}.How many 6 digits numbers can be formed from them that are divisible by four and repetition is allowed.We were required to compute the exact answer.

Q2) Probability Consider we have 3 doors A, B and C.Out of the three doors 2 have goat behind them and one have a car.We are playing a game here,

1) The contestant comes and picks up a door.

2) Out of the remaining two doors,the game in-charge eliminates one door and that door is sure to have a goat behind it.

3)Now, the contestant has 2 options either stick to the door he choosed initially or switch to the other door that was left after the game in-charge eliminated one door.We were required to calculate the probability of wining the car in each of the cases and then tell in which case the probability of wining a car is more.

//In end sir said to me that sir has been asking this question in interviews since 2-3 years but till now nobody gave the correct answer except me :D

Algorithms and Data Structures

Q3) What all Data Structures you know?

Q4) Define Heap and tell the applications of Heap.

Q5) Consider the elements : 2,4,21,98,2,4

Sort them using Heap sort and show all steps.

Q6)How to do insertion in Heap?

Q7)Can we delete an in between element in the heap,If yes then show how ,so that Heap property is not violated?

Q8)Array can be used to implement Heap.Explain how will you implement a Heap using an array.

That's it ! Hope this helps :)



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Has anyone got offer letter for MTech EET today ?
Hi! Yes I remember we met :) How r u?
I think they released the offers yesterday.

I got :)
Ya, they did. I got too :)

Have you accepted?
Hi, is the answer to door question after elimination is : you would like to change your response.  ?
What was the GATE cutoff for This course ?

What was your score?
For general category upto rank 440-480 were called for interview for GATE cse students
My rank is 450 in gate 2019. Is there a chance that I will get an interview call? (CSE - Gen Category)
You may get a call. You are on boundary line. Hope for the best
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