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hello everyone i need a career advice regarding that i passed out my engineering in 2016 and then joined gate  coaching  nd not got desired success in gate 2017  just above the gate cutoff...then in 2017 i joined a couse of  dled (diploma in elementary education )

i.e a teaching certificate to teach in government school upto 5th class then agin i gave gate 2018 and this tym same story but  big improvement of marks and rank was there but not enough for good iits and nits  and till now i never faced a single interview for a company so dont have any i want to know from seniors and experience holder  that should i carry on my this dled course and parallely   prepared for gate 2019 or i should join a job and quit the dled course ...which scenerio will be best for better nd stable  future ?

thank u
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Whats your current Rank and Score ?
How long is the dled course? how much time is left for its completion?
current rank is 3800 and gate score is 505 and this course is of 4 semester and 3 semesters are left.....

Its quite a long course :p 
It depends upon you what you are looking for as a backup. 
If you feel that you will get something decent after the course you should carry on with it and Prepare for GATE. Searching for a job directly after 2 years would require you to be good in some technology like Android, Web-development etc which could fetch you some job otherwise it would be a bit difficult.
Also joining a job won't fetch you much time to prepare for GATE, but still it depends on you that how much time you feel you need to put in GATE (Whether you can do it side by side with a job or not ?)

See if you are very much determined for GATE chose a option that gives you more time to prepare for it.

but there is disadvantage of gate is that we cant be fundamentally good in web technologies...becz it is difficult to look for extra syllabus
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