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Interview for the post of Scientist/Engineer at ISRO held on 23/02/2018

Reporting time was 8 am. Every interview took approximately 15-20 minutes. After hearing questions from everyone, I felt subjects like Computer Graphics, Software Engineering(specifically testing part), Networks, Information Security, Programming languages were really focused on in the interview. My interview began at around 4.30 pm. There were around 10-15 interviewers.

Q1. Introduce yourself.

Q2. Tell us your favorite subjects (told them DS and algorithms)

Q3. So, are you comfortable with networks? (yes sir)

Q4. Explain the OSI model. What is the function of session layer? What is port forwarding and port mirroring?

Q5. Do you know any protocol which is used at the network layer?(told them Internet Protocol(IP))

Q6. So can you tell us the structure of IPv4?

Q7. So, you told it has TTL. Explain in detail the working of TTL.

Q8. Which programming language do you use? (told them C)

Q9. What do you mean by abstract data type? What is an exception?

Q10. Tell us the difference between Windows based OS vs Linux based OS.

Q11. So, are you comfortable with Information Security ?(Yes Sir)

Q12. Tell us what is phishing? How can you detect/prevent it?

Q13. What do you mean by authentication? Difference between authentication and   authorization. If I am entering a password, what will it be authentication or authorization?

Q14. What is SQL injection attack?

Q15. Explain two factor authentication.

I got Selected.

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Thanks for Sharing & Congrats for your success....
Congrats :)
Congratulations and All the best for life at ISRO :)
Congrats Niharika :) :)
Congratulations and Thanks for sharing your interview experience, nice and simple writing.

Thanks for Sharing and Congrats....  : )

Thank you :-)

Congratulations Mam and Thank You for sharing !

Congrats Niharika :)  btw could you please tell us what ur percentage of marks where on 10th 12 th and on graduation, some say that also serves as a criteria so just to make sure.
Aapke paas working experience tha kya?.. If yes then does is affect the selection?
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