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I had a score of 733 and rank 506 in CSE.

You can apply to following courses:

1.Mtech at IIT Kanpur:2016 cutoff for round 2 was about 728 score .After that you need to clear written test, programming test and /or interviews.

2.Mtech Research (CSA) at IISC Bangalore: Cutoff was about 650 rank in 2016.After that there is a written test and interview.

3.MTech Research at IIT Bombay :2016 Cutoff was approx 650 rank. There will be written test, programming test and later interviews, interviews will be technology /project specific eg linux/java depending upon requirements each year.

4.MS at IIT Kanpur :For summers cutoff was 750 gate score whereas for winter admissions it was much lesser (<730 gate score), there will be tests and interviews.

5.MS at IIT Madras :There criteria in 2016 was 70%in B. Tech and decent gate score. People under 1200 rank have fair chances. There will be a written test and interview. for More details regarding ms at IITM can be found here:


6.MTech at IIT Roorkee:Recently IITR converted half of their seats to self financed. Fee will be about 1 lakh per sem and you will not be given stipends. Since this is a costly option, I have kept it at last.

In short, you have plenty of opportunities, just make sure you are prepared to grab them since at this rank direct admission at IIT’s is rare.
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Very informative ...! Thanks @anurag_s
Do we need to apply separately for them? If so when will the forms be out?
Yes separate application is required. For summer after gate results and for winter admissions (wherever applicable)  in october/November. Check respective departments website at that time for notification regarding Admissions.
Great post Anurag, but you did not mention that you qualified all of them :)

Actually someone with 1300-1500 rank can also get to some MS/Ph.D. programs in old IITs (not IITB or IISc as they call till around 600-1000) but they must be really good in interviews. On the other hand most of the aspirants don't clear interview even with ranks 300-1000. And those who clear at one place usually have a good chance elesewhere also as they check for the same skill.
and it clearly shows,that GATE is not the end..we need t prepare more deeply for interviews ins next 2 months
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