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I had been Selected based on Gate Score and My Interview was scheduled on 4th June at IIST Trivandrum. After Document Verification Candidate were being sent to Interview Panel.

There were 5 professors in the Interview Panel. As the course offered by IIST is Machine Learning and Computing So they will ask Question From Mathematics and Machine Learning(Basics only).After Entering into Interview room

1st Question:Introduce Yourself

Me: Gave small Introduction

2nd Question:Tell me the subject you are comfortable with

Me: As i knew they are asking question fom Mathematics,So I told Calculus,Linear Algebra and Probability,then the expert from calculus asked some question

3rd Question:they asked how to find maxima and minima of a function

Me: i told them the approach then they sent me to the board and gave one Function F(x)=(x-1)(x-2)(x-3)(x-4) and aksed what are the roots and tell me global Maxima if the Range of function is [-1000,1000]

i simply drew the graph of function and told the roots are 1,2,3,4  and after 4 graph willgo on increasing so maxima will be (1000-1)(1000-2)(1000-3)(1000-4).they were impressed with graphical solution

then they asked as this is 4th degree equation and during calculation of maxima nad minima we have to find F'(x) that will be 3rd degree,so tell me efficient approach to find roots

i told them how to find roots of 3rd degree.

then 2nd professor from ML started question

4th question: what do you know about machine Learning and what are the applications and tell me some algorithm

Me:Frankly speeking ,I dont know much about ML But i know ML is most exciting technology nowadays and Iam really excited to learn , I know only overview such as Applications of ML and explained Fuzzy Logic

then 3rd professor from Probability

5th question:What is random variable

Me: simply told and then explained poisson and binomial distribution

6th question:they gave some probability question and asked to find the probability

Me:took some time but somehow answered.

7th question:what is the probability of getting a success(head) at 5th toss.if no of trial is 5

Me:i told the probability but, they were interested to know that whether it will follow independent or mutully exclusive logic,Initially i didn't understand the question ,so they gave some hint,after some time i told it will follow Independent logic

Finally one peace of advice prepare probability

On 8th june Got the Offer
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Congrats :) Welcome to Trivandrum :)
But Arjun Sir ,I have offer from NIT Suratkal also and Now i am confused which one to join.Could you pls suggest me which one will be better
Placement wise NITK should be better as of now. But if you are looking for a PhD and better placement after PhD, IIST is good because you get to do more ML things there and more research/project work. 2 years at IIST will be more challenging/interesting than NITK.
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