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I was called in for the interview at 4:21 pm and the interview lasted till 5:22 pm. The interview panel consisted of about 5-6 members. They all sat around a roundtable. For rough work, I was given plain white rough sheets and a pencil.

First of all, they asked me some general questions like when did I arrive in Mumbai, whether I liked the city or not, etc. After that, they told me to write my favorite 5 subjects.

I wrote :

  1. Algorithms and Data Structures
  2. Theory of Computation
  3. Operating Systems
  4. C language
  5. DBMS


1. Algorithms

Q1: What all notations are used to find the time complexity of a program?

Q2: Explain all asymptotic notations with their graphs.

Q3: When we write f(n)=Ѳ(n) this means f(n)<= c1*n and f(n)>=c2*n , here is c1==c2?

Q4: Find time complexity :

Void fun1(int n){

int i=1;

int s=i;






  Q5: Consider the C statement int a[], what can be the maximum size of the array?


2. Data Structures

Q1: What all data structures can be used to represent graphs? (I told adjacency list and adjacency matrix)

Q2: In which case we prefer adjacency list and in which cases adjacency matrix?

Q3: Draw a graph(any random example), make adjacency list representation of that and also indicate how to represent adjacency list in C language.


3. Operating Systems

Q1: An array is a contiguous allocation of memory, but in paging or other memory allocation schemes the array is stored in a discontinuous manner(supposing the size of the array is large).In that case how to retrieve array?

Q2: What is the virtual memory? What are additional things required at the hardware level to implement virtual memory?

Q3: What is re-entrant code?

Q4: Suppose there are two processes and they both have printf() statement. So, the code for the printf() function will be copied in main memory for the execution. This coping of code is done one time or each time the printf() function is being called?


4. Theory of Computation

Q1: What are the different types of automata?

Q2: ∑={a,b,c} L=Ending with ab or bc or ca

Identify type of language and draw a FA if possible.

Q3: ∑={0} L=Containing zeros in the multiple of 6

Identify the type of language and draw a FA if possible.

Q4: Write grammar for the unequal number of zeros and ones.

Q5:Is the grammar above, same as the grammar for { 0m1n |m!=n,n>=0,m>=0}.


5. C language

Q1: Difference between(in terms of memory allocation) :


int a;


struct t{

int a;



#define a 100


Q2: What are macros?

Q3: Write a macro that returns 1 for an even number and 0 for an odd number.



Q1: Draw an ER diagram for the BARC institution where we have two entities Employee and Department where an employee belongs to a single department but a department can have multiple employees. Assume attributes of your own.

Q2: Write an SQL query to retrieve Department name and number of employees in the department.


7. Computer Networks

Q1: Explain flow control, congestion control and contention control policies and in which layer of OSI Model they come into the picture.


Overall it was a nice experience. The interviewers were very helpful and supporting. Even if you go wrong they give you hints and make you reach the correct answer.

Result selected.

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thanks for the info .but qstn 1.4 time complexity question it  $\text{while(s<n)}$?
thanks for sharing
Thank you Mam for sharing your experience.

What should be the answer of question 1 in C language i.e.

Difference between(in terms of memory allocation) :

int a;


struct t{

int a;


@Ollie size of the structure is not always summed of the size of all members in it. There is some padding done by the compiler. In fact, there is a previous year question on it. :)

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