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Following are the details of my interview at IIITH:

My Interview was on 11th of June 2018.I was allotted Panel 13 and my serial number was 6.
Due to my serial number I didn't have to wait for long and I was called in at 10:45 for the interview. I went in.
Interviewer1 asked for my folder and asked me where I am from and where I did my B Tech.
Q) Asked for my favourite subjects (answered OS, DS, DB)
Q) Create a tree using singly linked list (tried but failed to do so)

Interviewer2 asked from DB
Q) What is foreign key? (explained with example)
Q) Formal definition of foreign key (tried but wasn't able to give them textbook definition)
Q) Why we need normalisation and what it is (explained)
Q) Difference between 1nf and 2nf (explained)
Q) Why would you normalise if it increases fetch time(tried but wasn't sure if it was proper)
Q) What would big companies like Google Twitter use in their database (tried and he asked me if I knew NoSQL and I told them
what I knew which wasn't much)
Q) Which database you have used till now (told about Databases I have used in my projects)

Interviewer3 asked my preferred programming language,I answered Java but my project report had a Python project
so Interviewer2 mentioned it and had a little laugh with Interviewer3 saying he was going to ask something from Python.
Then I explained why we had to do that project in Python and they understood.

Interviewer3 told Interviewer2 to continue with the questions.
Q) What you did in your project (was trying to explain but they were busy with something and not quite listening.
I thought they have already rejected me so they are not listening)
Then I was told to leave. Interview lasted for 15 minutes.
I thought it was OKish and not so good.But it turned out good enough for them and I was offered admission to M Tech CSE (my first preference).

Tip: Be calm. Tell them what you know properly. Be confident.
Don't answer like a robot, be friendly while answering and keep interacting with them.
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Congratulations Priyendu, thanks for sharing the experience.
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